Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer in Light Beige

by - March 06, 2018

Another hectic month has passed.  All I could recall was how I struggled with my errands and all the move-in shiz I needed to do.  Damn, that was hard.  Sometimes, I would give myself a quick pep talk whenever I get tired and when things get so stressful.  #imastrongindependentwomanrepeat100x 😛

But I made it.  And with that, I think I deserve a pat on the back.

I realized that there'd be times when everything would seem overwhelming and unattainable.  Getting things done on your own could take twice the effort from you.  And that's the time to ask for help.  Four hands are still better than two, right?

Anyhoo, that pretty much explains why I only got to publish one blogpost last month.  Ugh, I badly need time management skills.  😝

Now, onto today's featured product, here's another concealer from a K-beauty brand called Aritaum.

The product is housed in a tube packaging.  It's easy and not messy to dispense.

I chose the lighter shade called Light Beige over Natural.   

Coverage seems nice but there's something off about the formula that makes it difficult to blend and even out.  This concealer contains too much oil I guess.  It kind of moves around as you buff it so the result, it thins out.

It also feels a bit heavy compared to my other liquid concealers and it comes off dewy rather than matte and flat.  

with powder

Another reason why I don't use this concealer anymore is because of the tiny bumps I got.  Like I said before, that's how my skin usually reacts with products I'm not compatible with.

Maybe this one would suit dry skin better.  Too bad it didn't work well for me and it seems like it just sits on top.  If it did however, that would be freaking amazing because for a concealer that costs 290 php and comes in a big tube like this, that could be hard to beat.

You can get this and other Aritaum products on Althea website.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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What do you think?