Althea x Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxers

by - October 04, 2018

There's really no stopping Althea!

After the successful launch of their Bare Essentials skincare line and additional shades of their Petal Velvet powder, here they go again with a well-thought-of beauty recipe.  And it's not just a typical product release because they partnered with Get It Beauty, Korea's no. 1 beauty TV show to create a skincare that would very much suit modern urbanites.

What made me even more excited receiving this package is the fact that I'm getting it as my first ever pink box as an Althea Angel.  Yep, I'm a lucky ducky!  It's also their 3rd birthday treat.  The duo came with this cute mirror, pouch and tote bag.

Now, let's talk about the deets, shall we?

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a 2-in-1 cleanser pack made from the realest and freshest key ingredients - Rose and Green Tea.  Right off the bat, they plainly appear as masks, which you apply then rinse off.  But wait til they come in contact with water because they double up as a cleanser.

You can get 2 variants for only 990 php.  A tube contains 150 ml of product.

This should be applied on dry skin.  Leave it for about 10 seconds (I think it won't matter much if it extends) then add a little bit of water so it could start foaming up.  Massage all over just like how you would normally cleanse you face then rinse.

I'm amazed at how the product turns into a froth-like treat.  Unlike all of the facial cleansers I've tried, these do not feel soapy at all.  I don't know how they made the formula that way.  So cool! 😊

And since these are made from natural ingredients, there's a refreshing feeling in every wash.  They are not drying and my skin feels smoother and softer.  I think the floral and green tea scent (not artificial) add to that fresh vibe too.

The rose mask refines texture, hydrates and can sooth irritations while the green tea mask purifies the skin.

Quick fun fact - they handpick the roses in France which only bloom once a year over the span of 5 weeks.  As for green tea, they only use baby leaves from the first harvest and of course, they get it from Jeju.

I've been using each variant consecutively for one week then I would just switch and so on.  For better results, Althea recommends to use Rose in the morning because it would also help balance skin's pH levels.  Green Tea is for nighttime skincare routine to help nourish the skin as it regenerates.  Both gently exfoliate and detoxify the skin as well.

I know you are curious if these can really remove makeup and dirt.  My answer is - oh yes!  What's left usually is mascara residue in between my lashes, but that's understandable because I'm using waterproof and I can clean that up anyway with one swipe of cotton pad soaked with micellar water.  Overall, you'd really get that my-face-is-so-ready-for-bedtime kind of clean.

Between the two variants, I find myself grabbing Green Tea more often because well, I'm not a fan of floral scent (but its effect to the skin is still great) and I just love how it smells so much like matcha.  Even for days when my skin is acting up, I would use Green Tea to kind of calm it down.

You're really in for a treat with these two!  It's a very different experience compared to other facial foams and with that, I think I would not replace them anytime soon.  I might get another tube once I run out.  Instead of sticking to a very foamy, soapy cleanser that can strip down the skin's natural oil, I would prefer something fresh and natural, yet very effective.  I mean, look at that.  Can you see the actual rose petals and green tea powder?  I wish you could smell the green tea one because it is so addicting! #matchaloverrighthere 😁

Check out this video featuring Korean beauty influencer, Minsco and EXID member, Jeonghwa and watch these detoxers in action.  They're so cute!

Click here to start watching!

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