Althea Petal Velvet Powders in Warm Beige and Pink Lavender

by - February 17, 2019

Here's one tragic story.

Just when we're about to start our tour in El Nido, my camera's screen died on me again.  I mean, that's probably one of the saddest thing that could happen when you're on a trip, right?  The most frustrating part of that was the fact that I just had it repaired back in July and then, it broke again.  I am very sure that I've been giving it extra care, haven't dropped it too but still, the flipping screen decided to act up one more time (it's 4th already) and found a very good timing.  Ugh.

So there, no camera for nice photos.  Good thing, we have our tiny superhero to the rescue - GoPro.  It's requiring me extra work though, because I have to get photos from the clips one-by-one, but the video quality did not disappoint.  I'm excited to cook up a new travel vlog.  Yay! 😉

One thing I learned about that camera incident is that, hustling always pays off.  One weekend (when my camera was still kickin'), I took photos of two products so that I could get to do not just one post - these powders and the liquid lipstick you saw weeks ago.  I usually deal with one product at a time.  After this though, photo quality might change because until I get my Fuji XA2 back, I'll be using iPhone 10.

Althea team created two new shades of their Petal Velvet powder.  I've been using the translucent one and yes, it's highly recommended.  Now that I got my hands on Warm Beige, it instantly became my favorite.  On the brand's 3rd anniversary, they released Pink Lavender, which is sadly a limited edition.

It's really difficult to tell the difference of all three.  Apparently, they all have the same formula except color.  You could still get all the good stuff one offers from the others like the mattifying and pore-blurring effect, the very fine texture and the lightweight feel.  All three are good for setting the under eye concealer as well and can make the skin smooth-like-petal to the touch.

If you have fair skin or someone who's into colorless setting powders for baking, translucent type would be a best fit.  For those who prefer something that can add tad bit of coverage and helps even out the skin tone, try Warm Beige.  It's still the common choice anyway.  It's also great for touch ups.

The Pink Lavender on the other hand, gives a slight brightening effect and it's the only one that has a scent.  You know what it is. 😙

So that's also great to put on the under eyes and an overall face powder to fight dull skin.

Any of the three would do just great.  I mean, I could blindly choose and be all okay.  Hahaha.  🙈

You can get these (except Pink Lavender) on Althea for only 210 php.  Each container has 3g of product and comes with a high quality puff.  Using a brush also works fine.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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