The Saem Water and Jelly Candy Tints in Cherry and Peach

by - March 24, 2019

I could still remember how much fun it was back in the good old days when all you could color your lips with was a very tinted candy.  Who here loved Lipps?  Hahaha!  There's also a gumball called Pintoora and we would always check out our tongues too after giving a good chew.  #simplejoys 😁

Now, here comes our ever reliable lip tints that could resemble the same stained effect even more so, the packaging - just exactly like these.

These are the two variants of The Saem's Candy Tint.  They also have another type in mousse formula.

I got Water Candy Tint on Althea shop for only 210 php and Jelly Candy Tint came from a Korean cosmetic store here in our place.  If I recall correctly, it's around 320 php.    


I picked Cherry and Peach.  The latter is a lovely coral shade.  However, it lacks pigmentation, unlike the other one.  Maybe the other darker colors would be a better option if you're really after the intense payoff.

Oh!  Guess what's the scent like?  Cherry reminds me of the mini cherry balls I used to buy for 25 centavos each.  

Finish & Formula

Water Candy is a typical water-based tint while Jelly Candy is something I don't consider as gel-based because it looks and feels more like of a tinted gloss.  Plus, it's tacky too.  I have actually tried one gel-ish tint from Etude House and that one has a gel, non-watery consistency, but still dries down to a matte finish.  


On the cheeks, I could not definitely use Jelly Candy because it's sticky AF.  Moreover, I don't get the flush of color that I want as I blend it.  Water Candy is also a bit unforgiving since it's so pigmented.  It requires me to smudge it quickly because otherwise, I would be left only with messy stains.  Hahaha!  😛

Cherry on cheeks

If you're going for a gradient lip look, do it with the water-based one.  Again, Jelly Candy just pretty much gives a high-shine tinted lips.  I think it would work best though as a lip topper.

Lasting Power

Peach still leave a good stain, but it would also fade after drinking or eating.  Cherry, on the other hand, lasts long enough on me (as a cheek and lip tint).  It could be a bit drying though so I make sure to moisturize with a lip balm.  Currently, I'm using Vaseline Lip Therapy.

Remember the other The Saem liquid lip tint I featured here on le blog?  It's similar to Water Candy except it only comes in a slightly thicker consistency.

Here's how Peach looks like after wiping it off.  The color is more natural-looking than Cherry when it's dry.

However, I would still pick Water Candy because what I usually go for is a vibrant pop of color for my cheeks and lips when I'm using any lip tint.  

I would still keep Jelly Candy because I don't have any glossy lippie in my collection and sometimes, a juicy finish looks better with some looks.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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