Maybelline Brow Crayon and Brow Mascara in Natural Brown

by - April 22, 2019

That was indeed a very restful long weekend.  I thought I was going to spend it doing chores, but good thing we're done with all of the cleanings in the past week.  A blank to-do list and no errand.  Just hours and hours spent in bed and binge-watching.  It's a recharge most of us need.  😚

Now as a warm-up for another loaded work week, I have here a short product review.  I didn't really plan on writing one but I would also hate it if I went on full slack mode, so here you go.

For my brows, I'm currently using two Maybelline products.  I got myself a brow crayon and a brow mascara, both in the shade Natural Brown.

I'm really used to filling in and shaping my brows with an angled brow crayon.  For me, it's easier to draw the outline compared to using a pointy pencil type. 

I also like the spoolie brush it comes with because it is in a nice size and shape.  There's something about the casing of the crayon as well (I dunno what to call it) that somewhat helps with the application.

The product glides on smoothly, gives a nice color payoff and creates natural-looking brows.  

One tip, make sure you have a very short product "released" when applying to prevent it from breaking.  I had mine chopped once.  Hahaha! 😙

Another thing to note, it's not that long-lasting but personally, I'm okay with that because what I like to use it for is creating natural-looking brows.  As long as I could fill and shape mine well, I'm good.  I could anyway use another product to make sure my brows are on point throughout the day and I'm talking about brow mascaras.

I bought this earlier than the brow pencil.  I still have my Detail Makeover Makebrow Mascara but sometimes, it gets clumpy and one over-application could easily create a mess.  It's long-lasting though and could really tint the hairs.

This one, it's more for the casual days when I don't need to put a lot of effort into my kilay game.  Similar to the crayon, the effect is natural.  

I think my only gripe is that it doesn't hold the hairs in place too well compared to others I've tried.  However, the formula is not clumpy and it does not make the hairs stiff.  I can also see some shimmery particles in it which I think helps in making the brows look fuller and naturally done.

Both products are available in other colors.  They have one for darker hairs and one for light to blonde.

I think both would be perfect for those who are just starting on basic eyebrow makeup application.  It is hard to mess it up using these products.  Even if you don't have a light hand, you can still create your everyday brows with these.  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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