Careline Kiss Sticks, Liquid Lipstick and Multi Pot (swatches)

by - May 31, 2020

It's swatch time again!  Here are products I want you to check out on your next visit at a Watsons store.  On my next visit, I might buy their eye shadow palette.  😉

By the way, Careline is having a sale on Lazada from June 4 to 6.  They have discounted bundles and you could save 3% to 5% if you buy more items.

Kiss Sticks

175 php but bought at 99 php

These are pigmented, lightweight and staining matte lipsticks.  Perfect for everyday wear.

All Day




I found a color dupe.  Actually, Maybelline's Touch of Nude is very similar too.

Matte Liquid Lipstick in Brick'd 

195 php but bought at a discounted price also

Long lasting but drying so I think Kiss Stick is a better option.  

This shade looks like Mood by Sunnies Face but finish and formula are different, so again just a color dupe.

Multi Pot in Abracadabra

180 php

There are 2 other shades available and yes, I will get those too! 😁

I'm so amazed at how easy this is to apply as a cheek tint.  The formula is cream-to-powder so it doesn't feel greasy. 

It lasts all day but when my skin gets too oily then I use blotting paper or tissue, the color fades.

So which product interests you?  I can really recommend the Multi Pot.  If you're not into products that have to applied using fingers, try the Kiss Sticks.  😙

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Thank you!

your sweetest drug,

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