GARNIER Moisturizing Cream

by - December 24, 2011

The soap I'm using on my body and face every morning makes my skin dry.  Its a Kojie whitening soap, so I have to find a moisturizing cream to fight the dryness.  

Since I'm a fan of Garnier, I bought one from them.  I've been using Garnier for quite some time now.  I'm using their facial wash and face powder.  I tried their eye brightening roll and some whitening cream as well.

229 php

What I love about this is that its not sticky at all.  :)  It has a "lotion-ish" scent.  It is very easy to apply all over the face.

Look!  It's very "siksik".  :)  I just tried to apply it before sleeping and it felt good when I woke up.  

Grab a Garnier now since they have a Christmas promo!  Check it out here.

Merry Christmas!  Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

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