Skin Care 101 - What's Your Skin Eating?

by - May 23, 2013

Last week, I stumbled on an interesting photo on Pinterest.  The title says, "What's your skin eating?".  I know this is a helpful thing to know especially for those who indluge in makeup and skin care products, so let me share it today.

Our skin serves as the ulitmate receiver of all the chemicals contained in our soap, toner, moisturizer, foundation and many more.  Anything, we apply on... our skin absorbs.  And by anything, that includes all the toxins too.  So, it's just right to say that it's not only what we eat that matters, but what we put on our skin as well.

Did you know that even though there are thousands of harmful ingredients in various products we use, they are still allowed and not regulated by the government?

So, if you're asking now... how much does our skin absorb?  The answer is... 60%.  And the biggest surprise here is that, it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals to enter our bloodstream.

Next number... 515.  That's the number of chemicals an average woman wears each day.  Wow.  That's a lot.

Now, let's do a breakdown per product.


Smells like paint thinners.  Used as solvent.  Affects central nervous system.  Interferes with fatal and childhood development.

Synthetic Formaldehyde
Highly toxic.  Can cause liver problems.


Can cause estrogen-like effects.  A possible cause of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Used as preservatives.  Targets endocrine system and can cause allergies.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Chemical that produces foam.  Can irritate the skin with prolonged and constant exposure.


Can cause blood problems and neorological disorders.

These are just some of the harmful chemicals found in our daily cosmetics.  Yes, there are more.  I know that it's nearly impossible to prevent using them, because they are a part of our lifestyle.  But, it is still important to be informed about this.  So, the next time you go shopping, read the label first.  The list of ingredients should be there.  At least, we now know what to avoid.

Another thing about these non-organic products is that, some are tested on animals.  And imagine the hazard they can cause to our environment too.  If not properly disposed, they might inflict danger to Mother Earth... which then returns to our safety as well.

So, think about what you buy... what you use.  If you can switch to natural, or at least most of the ingredients are, then, do it.  It promises the same effect, right?  Stay away from synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances or colorings.  We may not notice the health risks right away, but how about as we reach our 40s or 50s?  Gladly, some cosmetic companies are being sensible about this too.  Hopefully, we can see more chemical-free or let's say, chemical-less soon.

What do you think?

Save your skin.  As I always say, for sure, it will thank you for it.

your sweetest drug,

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