Skin Care 101 - The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub

by - September 17, 2013

One way to get rid of clogged pores is to exfoliate regularly.  Since I'm too lazy to do my weekly facial at home, I had to look for something that can do the job quicker.  Daily facial wash is sometimes not enough, especially for visible pore-prone skin.  On the other hand, even though regular scrubbing works, it could be a little tricky for ladies who have sensitive skin.  So many problems!!  How I wish I could have that flawless, baby skin forever!

I have already introduced The Body Shop's Tea Tree line before.  This time, I bought a facial scrub.

550 php

Actually, I was supposed to buy the Seaweed Scrub, but the saleslady recommended this instead.  I asked for her advice to know which is better for treating clogged pores.  This is a little cheaper so why not? :)

The description says that this is suitable for blemished skin.  That's the number 1 benefit of tea tree based products.  It also promises to unclog pores without over-drying the skin.

There are so many ingredients listed.  Not familiar with most of them. :)

The packaging is okay.  I like the design.  It's in a regular plastic tube that's easy to open and close.  One warning though, the product's consistency is not thick so make sure to not overly squeeze.  

Can you see the white particles?  Well, most of them are extremely tiny and not visible to the naked eye.  You need to rub it on your skin to tell the difference.  

What I love about it:
  • Squeaky clean skin indeed after - no greasy feeling but still, doesn't leave the skin tight
  • No breakout
  • Cleanses pores but doesn't effectively remove the deep seated dirt - I guess it's fair enough because at least it helps to fight some of the the stubborn blackheads
  • Not messy - you won't end up having the beads on your hair
  • Tolerable scent - tea tree is known for having a strong smell but you can easily deal with it
  • Doesn't hurt even if you thoroughly rub it 
  • Little amount goes a long way - a pea size contains a lot of beads already
  • Removes makeup residues too
  • Takes care of rough skin
  • Helps reduce appearance of pimple marks - I have one on my cheeks but it's less visible now
Watch outs:
  • A little redness - but still not harsh on skin
  • No peeling
  • If you're very sensitive about scent, it may cause a little eye irritation
  • Minimal effects on pore size

I'm not sure if the texture is a pro or a con.  Some prefers large beads while others like it as micro as possible.  In any case, I think the most important thing about scrubs is how it strips away the dead skin cells and removing blackheads while being abrasive and at the same time gentle enough to take care of our delicate skin.  No one wants to rub a sandpaper on our face.  HAHA!

I tried using this for a week and I saw a little improvement in terms of unclogging.  But then again, it's powerless against the dirt buried under my open pores.  So, I tried removing them first with some pricking.  I used this product for another 2 weeks and more noticeable effects came after. 

We all know how stubborn these black bad boys can be.  They will be gone for some time but will be back again, saying hello to you after a while.  Whew!  But this product helps me get rid of them a little longer than usual.  

Recommended frequency is twice or thrice a week.  I tried to use it daily but my skin became dull and rough.  :(

Tea tree extract works great as exfoliator too.  No regrets in buying this.  However, I'd still like to have the Seaweed one as my next scrub. :)

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