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by - December 21, 2014

The night before our Year Ender Party, I spent time trying to create a makeup look for the event and I thought gray smokey eyes paired with pink nude lips would suit my dark blue gown.  I practiced just to make sure that on the next day, I would be able to recreate it faster since I only had about 1 hour or so to do my hair and makeup.  It turned out, I failed to do the same exact look.  Boohoo! I was like, what the hell happened!  HAHA!  But, let me share it anyway and also, a bonus side story about my gown-hunting.

Here it is.  All gray and black for the eyes with va va voom upper and lower lashes.  As for the lips, I chose a pink nude color.  Highlighter also played a key role.

By the way, the products in the photo are just for examples.  They are all from Google Images.

I used matte eye shadows for this look because I didn't want to be all sparkly.  

Here's my pair of Red Cherry lashes.  I absolutely love it!  My mascara did a great job as well on my lower lashes.  

If you don't have a highlighter stick or powder, you can also use a pearly or shimmery white eye shadow.

A light pink blush would also be a nice complement to this kind of eye makeup.

I also tried on a few lipsticks, but pink seemed to be the perfect match.  

That's it!  I'll show you the actual look and the complete outfit as well on a separate post.

Kris and I decided to just rent a tux and a gown.  The theme was all about black, blue and silver and luckily, there's an available formal dress for me in a royal blue color.

We went to Marikina to visit this gown rental shop called Royanne Camillia.  Their formal wear ranges from 1000 to 2500 pesos.  

I fell in love with this fitting area.  I also spotted several gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses, so if you need one for an upcoming event, go and visit this shop.

Here's the other choice.  

It's a simple black silk dress with nice back straps.

I liked the length and fit, but it's not padded and I would need to wear adhesive bra, so it's a no-no for me.

Here's my choice.  #backlessgain

It's longer than the other one. 

Check out how I styled it on my Lookbook series.

As for Kris, he opted for a black and silver combination.

If you're looking for a tux/suit rental, check out Gardini Fashion Center.


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