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by - December 13, 2014

I know it's been a while since my last Burp Guide post.  In the past weeks, we haven't tried a lot of new restaurants, or at least something new for me & Kris, except for this one and Cyma (I'll post the latter after our next visit).  Last month, we were at Itallianni's and Fish & Co almost every week because we wanted to maximize our Premiere Card and vouchers.  Finally, I got to try my Ber's favorite fish & chips.  Anyway, please know that I won't be discontinuing this series.  You'll just see it less often.

Alright, here's our featured resto, Eri Curry!

Basically, it's a casual Japanese restaurant which specialize in curry dishes.

Kris and I both love curry.  Thai or Jap, it's always on top of our list.  Though I think there's a big difference in terms of flavor and way of serving.

Eri Curry is located at the Atrium, SM Megamall.  If I'm not mistaken, it is the only branch so far.

I loved the simple yet nice ambiance.  Service was very good as well.

They're doing a create-your-own concept, so you can really customize your curry dish to your liking.  For those who are not very much into that, do not fret because they also have some default combinations.

After selecting a base curry dish, next step is to choose the rice quantity.  Then, select the level of spiciness.

Lastly, you can add additional toppings.

We tried 2 ready-made dishes and as usual Kris had the best seller.

350 php

So, there's rice wrapped in omelette, pork katsu and of course, curry sauce.

Here's mine.

315 php

I got the omelette with cherry tomatoes and asparagus then, I added dory katsu as a topping.

We're not very impressed about the plating.  Maybe, serving it in a bowl would be better if they're going for a "rice topping" kind of dish, which I assumed.  

Here's the hidden rice.  HAHA!

Meat - 3/5 burps because they were thin and not perfectly fried
Omelette - 5/5 burps because we loved the mozzarella cheese in it and it was a nice complement to the sauce
Veggies - 5/5 (no complaints)
Rice - 2/5 burps because they didn't use Japanese rice and it's not even close
Curry Sauce - 4/5 because it's not as authentic as we had expected but seasoning and flavor was good enough

Total score - 4 burps!

Overall, I think they should can further improve the dish considering that price is pretty much on the expensive side.  :)

What do you think?

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