Sample Stash - Tony Moly I'm Real 3-Step Line (Step 2 and 3)

by - April 01, 2015

This is probably my worst period of all time.  It's horrible.  My lower back and sides hurt like hell (I could barely move properly yesterday).  I'm not sure if it's because of menstrual cramps, or if it's because of the killer oblique workout I did 2 days before.  Maybe both?  Pft.  That's not a good idea I guess.  Thank goodness, I'm feeling better now.

Anyway, I expect most of you are in a good mood because it's finally here, the long weekend!  Just a heads up, I won't be posting anything from tomorrow to Saturday, except the Flashback Friday.  So, I'll talk to you again on Easter Sunday!  I hope the hair video I'm editing would be up already by then.

Now, onto the actual post.

I have here 3 samples from Tony Moly's I'm Real 3-Step skincare line.  If you can remember, I posted about the Lemon Brightening Lotion before, and these ones are part of the family as well.  Luckily, I got the other Step 2 lotions, Tea Tree Sebum and Pore Lotion and Seaweed Aqua Moisture Lotion, plus the Avocado Rich Cream, which is the Step 3 product.

Here's the complete line.  Again, they're meant to be used in the order below, but I don't see anything wrong if you choose to use only one and integrate it in your skincare routine.

Let's start with the tea tree lotion.

The scent is a bit strong because it smells exactly like tea tree extract.

I don't think that it's very moisturizing as a face lotion, though I guess they made it that way because it's meant for oily skin.  You would need a separate moisturizer if you're very very dry.

Next, the seaweed lotion.

This one's very refreshing.  Good enough to use as a moisturizer.  There's a pleasant scent to it (not sure if it's seaweed) and it really makes the skin smooth once it's absorbed.

For the 3rd step, avocado cream.

Face lotions hydrate the skin just like moisturizers, but they are fast-absorbing and light.  So if you need a good amount of moisture, you'd also need hydrating creams.

This one smells good.  I don't think it's an avocado scent though.  It's easy to blend and it's not greasy nor sticky.  Moisture-power is great!

Here's how I would rank them (if you tell me to choose which full-sized version I would likely buy):

3) Tea Tree Lotion
2) Seaweed Lotion
1) Avocado Cream

What do you think?

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I couldn't see these products on their website, so not sure if you can buy locally.

Happy long weekend, everyone!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Hi, I really liked your review. I just got this product yesterday. The avocado cream works and feels great. But my question is, do you wash your face after you apply the cream or just leave it on?

    1. Thank you! I also loved the avocado cream and I used to leave it on - no rinsing. :)


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