Skin Care 101 - Yves Rocher Botanical Purity Film Mask

by - April 19, 2015

Holy crap!  I just realized that I didn't do the Friday Flashback post last week!  Forgive me, people.  Anyway, do browse my past posts for the past 2 weeks.  I promise to do FF on Friday!  Okay?!

So, for today's Skin Care 101 featured product, I have here Yves Rocher Botanical Purity Film Mask.

When I shopped for the Sebo Vegetal line, I unknowingly glanced at this product and I couldn't believe what I saw.  The price tag only had 2 digits.  In fact, I had to look at it again 'cause it's super cheap - they're selling it for only 70 php!  I knew I had to grab it and try it out not just because it's a steal but also because I love masks and I wanted to try something new - a film mask.

What is it?

It's basically a type of peel-off mask which comes in an ultra-mega-oh-so sticky formula.  At times when you feel your skin is dull and clogged, this product would help make it look more revitalized.

It contains salicylic acid, a few glycolics and lactic acid, so it's definitely one of your best bets if you need a good exfoliation.  Plus, there's also menthol in it so expect a very strong minty scent and cooling sensation.

It looks like a clear gel (sometimes I see a hint of green color) and it feels slightly heavy on.  Like I said, it's waaaaaay too sticky (almost similar to glue) so it's a bit challenging (and annoying) to apply it on the face.

What I love about it

Just remove the overpowering scent during application and it would be a great mask candidate.  It does a great job at firming the skin, removing excess sebum and tightening the pores as well.  I use it once every 2 weeks or basically, every time I feel like using it.  

As it dries, I feel a tightening effect just like any other leave-on masks.  Remember to relax your face so you'd feel more comfortable.  

After 15 minutes, it would turn into a film and that would be the time to peel it off.  Start from the bottom, usually I start from my chin, and take it off in an upward direction.  You can rinse your face after or you can opt to skip that and begin your regular skincare routine.

Here's the junk. 

Peel-off mask is a great thing to use if you want a more refined skin texture.  Such product is also known to remove dead skin cells on the surface, but if you want a more deep-cleaning and unclogging, try using facial scrubs instead.

What do you think?  Have you tried film masks before?  Or do you prefer wash-off clay masks?

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Btw, I'm not sure if they still have this film mask since I bought it months ago.  Better to visit their store and check it out.  I swear you'll enjoy shopping at Yves Rocher (like I do!), not only because they have regular promotions and discounts, but also because their products are very interesting, straightforward and of course, made of natural ingredients.

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