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by - August 31, 2016

What to do when you can't find time to sit down and write?  Blog while in transit.  Yep.  Sometimes in life you just need to find ways to maximize your time.  No room for procrastination.  Hahahaha!  I wish.

Anyway, here's another ELF product.  As I've mentioned in the previous Batch Review, this one and the lippie would come as separate posts.

If you've been a reader of le blog for some time now, you probably know my skin type already.  But for the sake of my first-time visitors, let me tell it again.  Well, from the name of the product itself, you'd get an idea.

So yea, I have oily skin.  Oftentimes, not only my t-zone gets greasy.  I get a lot of oil all over the face at the end of the day especially if I don't do touch ups in between.

That's one reason why I gravitate towards products that have like "mattifying" word on the packaging.  As much as I love that dewy, from-the-inside glow, I'd choose matte finish most of the time.

The makeup bases I have currently do not have a real matte finish so to transform them, I'd use mattifying primer.  The one from Quick FX, I can really recommend but the effect doesn't last long.  

Then, I saw this mattifying balm when I did an ELF haul last time.

It comes in a compact and there's a nice sponge in the bottom compartment.  The packaging makes it easy to bring.  I also love the huge mirror inside.

Unlike Quick FX primer, it comes as a hardened wax.  I don't use the sponge because I find it easier to apply using my fingers.  The heat helps it glide like butter.

2 Ways to Use

As a primer -  so far, it creates a beautiful finish underneath foundation.  There's still some shine and my face doesn't look completely flat which is great!

For touch ups - dabbing a tiny amount on top of a greasy area instantly makes it matte.  It moves the makeup a bit but I don't really mind.  This is perfect as an on-the-go companion.  If you don't want to have layers of powder but you really need to get rid of a shiny t-zone, this is your guy.

It barely has a silicon-y feel and I don't think that it's clogging my pores.  It really creates a matte yet smooth canvass which it makes blending of foundation easier.

Take note though that this won't control sweat.  If you sweat, you sweat.  Haha!

The effect is also better if the weather is nice.  Lately, I've been using it and it's not too humid outside so I can get to office still looking fresh.

It doesn't feel heavy or weird on skin as well.  It's scentless too so it's perfect for those who are sensitive to strong fragrance.

My face looked shiny after 2 hours (photo taken after travelling from home to office and sweating because of the long walk) but compared to when I don't use this balm, there's no grease.

Normally, I would get a very oily situation after 4 hours.  And when I say oily, it's icky.  Like you can really get the oil from the surface by touching it.  But if I have this underneath makeup, it keeps the grease at bay for 4 hours.

Look at the bridge of my nose here.  I applied it on top of makeup to blot excess oil.

Overall, I'm loving it!  I know it might not be this effective during summertime but I'm still keeping it in my bag.  

I'd recommend getting Quick FX Primer if you really want a cheaper alternative but if you don't mind paying extra, then get this one!  It's still more affordable because it's a drugstore brand.

What do you think?

Btw, I'm not sure if this is available at local ELF counters.  I got mine from their US website.

your sweetest drug,

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