My 8 Favorite Makeup Tricks

by - August 06, 2016

Before I start editing the last part of my Japan vlog, I thought I'd do a quick blog post first.

So a few days ago (while on the train going to work), I listed down my 8 favorite makeup tricks or tips or techniques, whatever you would like to call them.  I'm pretty sure I missed out some things but these are all I could think of for now so in case more pops up in my head, I'll write it down and do a part two.

I know most of you already know some if not all of these but maybe for beginners who are still struggling with makeup, I hope this helps.

And if you want to ask if I follow these when I do my makeup, the answer is yassss.   Haha!  Maybe not all the time but still, yes.  :)

1 - Prime Your Brows

If you feel like your brow crayon doesn't glide smoothly and it's giving you a hard time, apply a tiny bit of primer on the area first. 

2 - Pinky the Anchor

You got shaky hands?  No problem.

If you're having troubles drawing a straight line, your pinky finger will help save the day.  Use it for a more stable application.  

Try it when you are doing your brows, eyeliner or even when you're putting on lip color.  Trust me.  Everything will be less scary and less messy.  

3 - CC Cream + Concealer

On lazy days or oh-shit-I'm-late-again days, I don't bother to put too much makeup but I don't forget my concealer aside from brows and lip color.  Although sometimes, I need a little somethin' somethin' underneath so instead of grabbing a BB cream or foundation, I go for CC Cream.  

This combo still feels light and looks very natural, which I prefer actually.

4 - Degrease That Shiz

If your foundation or BB cream contains a LOT of oil and it's making a very greasy situation, try putting it first on a blotting sheet, let it sit for a couple of minutes before putting it on.  This won't create a matte finish though but would definitely lessen the oiliness.

5 - Light and Bright Waterlines

This is definitely my favorite thing to do with my eye makeup.  You would rarely see me with dark waterlines because I don't apply black eyeliner or dark eye shadow.  Well, sometimes I would put a little bit on the outer 1/4 but what I normally use is white eyeliner, light-colored eye shadow or eye pencil.  

This has been my go-to eye look since college and it's a common trick if you want to brighten your eyes or make them appear bigger.

6 - Inverted Triangle

Okay.  This doesn't look like an inverted triangle but you know what I mean.  Haha!

Instead of just concentrating on your eye area when applying your concealer, bring it down to your cheeks as you blend it.  This will make your eye bags look less puffy and at the same time, brighten the area very well.  Whatever remains on your brush or finger, dab it on your lids.

7 - Tint on le Cheeks

Applying tint directly on the cheeks prior application of makeup base will make it cling onto the skin better.  The result, long-lasting pinched-like cheeks.

8 - Easy Wing

I know applying liquid eyeliner can be very intimidating and chances are, you'll end up with either an uneven line or a wobbly line.  To make it easier, try to line with powder or eye pencil first then, clean up every wrong stroke until you draw a perfect wing.

Next, use it as your outline and top it off with liquid eyeliner.  

So that's all I can share for now.  How about you?  What's the makeup technique you swear by?  I would love to know so put it on the comment box below.

Happy weekend!

your sweetest drug,

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