Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light

by - February 14, 2017

"Now and forever
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Happy Valentine's day, world!  

I've seen countless bouquet of flowers, chocolates and other romantic gestures on social media today.  Ginalingan ng mga boyfriends ha!  Haha!  Good job!  πŸ˜ƒ

Anyway, I'm now finally writing about one of my current favorite (potentially my all-time favorite) makeup products - highlight and contour powder.  I know this isn't a surprise because most likely, it's everyone's most-loved-and-most-abused too.  

Aside from liquid lipsticks, makeup lovers also went crazy over chiseled cheeks, slimmer face, enhanced nose line and blinding highlight.  A lot of brands have released their contour products and highlighters and most of them come in palettes or duos like this one.

I got Sleek's Face Contour kit in the shade Light.  There's also one darker option, but for light to medium skin, this would do.

Since it's my first time to use an actual shading and highlighting product, I opted for a powder formula.  Cream ones for me are a bit intimidating and it seems blending them would take a lot of getting used to.  

This comes with a mirror and is in the perfect size as well.  The packaging feels sturdy too.   

The contour powder has a warm undertone, which I think is perfect for Pinay complexion.  It's a bit orangey, not ashy so you can really use it as a bronzer.  I would prefer a more taupe undertone for defining the nose line, but so far, I'm okay with this.    

The highlight powder on the other hand, gives a very pretty glow and makes the skin appear wet.  There's no annoying chunky glitters and the shimmer is really nice.  Three or more layers could be a little too intense and would look too powdery up-close though.  However, if you're into I-can-see-your-highlight-from-miles-away kind of glow, then just build it up (buttercup, haha 😏) until you're satisfied.

For a contour kit that's below 600 php and nicely pigmented, it's just impossible not to recommend it.

Both are also easy to pick up and blend using a brush.  

For everyday shading and highlighting, this kit can do the job.

I also love using the highlight on the inner corner of my eyes.  Oh I almost forgot!  You can watch my makeup video here to see this baby in action. 😊

But since they're in powder form, it doesn't stay on the entire day.  Whenever I touch up with powder or wipe my face, it would fade. That's no biggie though because since it's compact, I can just throw it in my bag and re-apply as needed (on special occasions only as I don't use this everyday).

That's it!  Expect to see this on my upcoming makeup videos, because I'm not planning to switch to another one anytime soon.  πŸ˜Š

More photos!

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You can find Sleek in SM and Landamark Department Stores.  Like them on Facebook!

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