BURP GUIDE - Bonchon Chicken

by - November 29, 2011

I got two words for you.... MUST TRY! :)

Its good that there are several branches already.  So... you have no excuse for not trying it!  HAHA. :P

Can I just say... "Ang sarap nya papakin!"

Combo Medium

I think the red toothpick means that the chicken is spicy. *wink Bonchon has other foodies to offer aside from their famous chicken!  Good thing, they also have rice box meals with drink.  Its good for a quickie lunch, dinner or snack. But me, I do not prefer eating it with rice... (no rice??miracle?!)  I like their Iced Tea as well. :)

My Rating:
  • Taste: 4 stars - Super crispy and addicting... the meat is kinda dry and bland though.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - The size of the wings and drumsticks is not bad.
  • Value: 4 stars - Reasonable.
Overall: 4.6 burps

Check out their site for complete menu.

Bite it while its HOT!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Yes you can say Masarap papakin! ;) #AWARD! nakakatakam na pictures!!!

    1. i'll correct this! it tastes good with my fried rice!! :D


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