MAKE UP AND HAIR (MUAH) - Dark Blue Semi-Smokey

by - November 29, 2011

My first Christmas shopping went well.  Having a list is really helpful.  

For this look, I kept it simple.  Sorry for the picture, its not that clear. :(

Its a dark blue semi-smokey, nice match with my pink lipstick. Honestly, I am not great in blending eye shadows.  HAHA...  I started from two colors and now, I am trying three!  I promise I'll take clearer pictures moving forward. 

Some tips in applying eye shadow...
1. Don't be afraid of trying out the COLORS.  You can match almost everything.  Just play with it.
2. Start with a lighter shade for your base.  My favorite is applying a darker color or shade on the corner of my lids, creating a more dramatic volume.
3. Spot the sharp edges.  Blend it out.  

I'll share more tips in my coming posts here in the MUAH section. *wink

For this look, I used...
  • Estee Lauder eye shadow
  • Beauty Rush (Victoria Secret) eye shadow
  • Silver eyeliner
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Length mascara
  • Maybelline Watershine lipstick

your sweetest drug,

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