BURP GUIDE - Banapple's Salpicao Rafael and Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs

by - January 16, 2012

I missed Banapple!!!  Last time was a quickie lunch at Ayala Triangle branch.  We all have to follow our cravings, so here it is... another burp guide featuring Banapple! :)

your friendly bakery cafe...

Ready to drool?  HAHA..

Salpicao Rafael (190 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 3 stars - It tasted quite similar with Philippines', our famous Adobo.  There's nothing special but I really liked the garlic flavor.  It had big slices of mushrooms and cube-size beef.  Sad thing about this is that the meat was not tender as expected.  Considering I have braces, I had difficulties chewing it. :)
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - Fair enough.
  • Value: 4 stars - I didn't enjoy my meal so much, but worth trying.  
Overall:  3.7 burps

Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs (185 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 4 stars - Flavorful and meat was tender.  A satisfying meal.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - Served in big proportion.
  • Value: 5 stars - Not the cheapest entree in the menu but definitely in the top 5.
Overall: 4.7 burps

Hopefully, I would get the chance to try all entrees and feature them here at Burp Guide.  :)

Go and visit Banapple soon!  :P

your sweetest drug,

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