The Chic Closet - Made to Order: Ombre Shorts

by - February 12, 2013

I love anything OMBRE!  From the hair all the way to the nails, we can see this trend everywhere and obviously, it is still going strong.  This popular color gradation effect won't be over yet as we welcome the perfect time to show them off....summer.

There are a lot of Youtube DIY tutorials on how to "ombre" (hahaha, now a verb!) a piece of clothing.  The designs are endless.  But before you waste your fave top, skirt, pants or shorts, let us do the job for you.  :)

For just 600 pesos, you get to style your own ombre shorts!  Choose the colors and we can even add square studs.  Just tell us how you want it or send a photo of your design.  Exciting, right?!  

Here are the photos of our finish product. :)

For more details, check out our page.

your sweetest drug,

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