TOUCHDOWN - Republic Wakepark, Nuvali

by - October 06, 2013

Remember when I told you guys about our 1st Anniversary celebration?  Well, here's how we spent day 2.  I'll tell you more about our Korean food trip (first day) this week.

We were supposed to go surfing in Zambales, but the weather was bad days before.  Kris is crazy about surfing though he hasn't been riding the waves for a while now so, I suggested to try wake boarding instead.  It's nearer and more convenient for us.

It's my second time (first time experience at Danasan Ecopark here) already but I still had troubles.  Soooo hard that time because it's faster!  HAHA!

Before I tell you the rest of the story, here are a few things you might need to know if you plan to visit Republic.

It's located in Nuvali, Tagaytay - around 1.5 hr drive from Manila.  No need to call for reservations.  Upon reaching the roundabout, make sure to take the South Nuvali exit.

Basic Rates:

  • Day (ends at 5:30 PM) - 250 per person per hour
  • Night (starts at 6 PM) - 350 per person per hour
Since we came in around 4:30, we were asked to wait for the night schedule.  You need to register first and sign a waiver.  Everyone needs to pay 800 for the helmet, vest and bracelet tag rent.  This will then be refunded to you after returning those stuff.

It was a lucky day for us because we had the chance to avail of their Tandem Wednesday promo.  If you have a partner, you can pay for only one ride pass.  So that means you can even enjoy 1 hour wake boarding for only 125 pesos.  Yay! Additionally, weekdays are the best because the place is jam packed during weekends according to our super kind and funny trainer.  They even told us that sometimes, you get to ride only once because of the long waiting lines.  :(

They also have a bar and restaurant.  We didn't try the food though. :)

I'm not sure if Avida is still open for lodging.  This is very near from the wake park, around 10 minutes.

They have separate areas for beginners and pro.  The larger one is for the experienced, of course.  HAHA!  It has ramps for exhibition.  This one above is for beginners.    :)

One hour is really enough for beginners like me at least.  I had 10 rides even if there were also a few people with us.  I was able to stand up on my third try.  HAHA!  It's the perfect activity to do if you want to work out that upper body of yours and even your quads too!  And yea, swimming back is the hardest part.  :P

Kris managed to do a successful turn on his last try.  Galing!  Ako wala ng energy!  HAHAHAH! :P

Let me show you the rest of the photos.  I will be uploading the video on Instagram so make sure to follow me. *wink @chixylove

I want to go here again!  I had so much fun!  (kahit di marunong) :)

They have a shop that sells wakeboarding stuff and some Republic shirts too.

After tiring ourselves out, we went to Leslie's and tried their famous bulalo for dinner.  

What do you think?

Visit Republic's website and like them on Facebook for more details.

your sweetest drug,

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