FRIDAY Flashback - Posts You Might Have Missed + The Beauty Junkee's 6th Anniversary Mega Giveaway Alert

by - May 01, 2015

Finally, a Friday Flashback post after a month!  Oh boy!  

Two weeks ago, I totally forgot about it.  The week after that, I was in Baler and the internet connection was awful, so I wasn't able to do it.  Anyhoo, here are my 10 previous posts or better yet, my 10 April posts!

Oooops, before you scroll down, let me share an exciting announcement first.  

The Beauty Junkee a.k.a. Ms. Martha Sta. Barbara is celebrating her 6th Blog-nniversary with a MEGA giveaway (open to international readers)!  There are over 300 products worth 200++ thousand pesos in her 12 glam bags at stake.  

Head over to her blog for the full mechanics!  It's open until May 15th.

Here's the link to the actual post for your convenience.

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