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by - May 13, 2015

Two weeks ago, I attended a blogger event organized by the beautiful people behind a best-loved Japanese cosmetics brand, Heroine Make.  I was lucky indeed so let me thank Ms. Ana once again for the invite!

For the beauty-junkies out there, surely this makeup line doesn't sound new at all.  But in case you need a little intro, here it is.

Kiss Me Heroine Make is manufactured by Isehan and distributed locally by Mandom Philippines Corp.  Sure enough, the lovely photo of a dolly, anime-ish on the packaging already caught your attention.  Well my friends, I'd like you all to meet Princess Elisabeth Himeko.

The brand is represented by Her Royal Highness and her role is to educate women on how to beautify themselves and how to always look beautiful as well (like her).

Heroine Make is known for long-lasting makeup products, something that the Asian women need because of the extreme weather.  If that's your thing, then this one, you'll surely love.

Now, let me share what happened during the event itself.

The highlight of the beauty gathering was the showcase of the new eye shadow palette called Jewelry Eye Color.  I still can't believe they launched it here in Manila first!

In addition to that, what made the afternoon extra special was the tutorial and demo conducted by no other than Ms. Sayuri Igarashi, a famous makeup artist and beauty counselor not only in Japan but all over Asia and Europe as well.

She talked about Heroine Make products while doing a demo.  From face base to lips, she tackled the basics while also squeezing in some tips and tricks and focused on a no-makeup, fresh makeup look, which we all loved. 

I'm still having oh-man-she-looks-so-young-she-can't-be-50-plus thought!

She's so bubbly and chirpy.  I loved listening to her and watching her.  The smile on her face never disappeared even for a moment.

Oh!  Btw, that's Wendy of Animetric's World blog in the collage above.

As usual, I had I'm-too-shy-to-approach-people-so-I'll-just-sit-here moments.  HAHA!  But I was able to fight the uneasiness a bit and roamed around to take photos (and devoured 3 pieces of maki roll)  while smiling at my fellow bloggers.  Oh man, I wish they didn't find me as an awkward duckling. :P

The following photos, I've already shared on my IG account (in case you're not yet following me, here's my ID - @chixylove).

Sadly, some of the products are not yet available locally, but they do sell the cream-of-the-crop ones and I really really recommend you check 'em out.

So, here's the palette I mentioned, Jewelry Eye Color.  What made this an awesome and special eye shadow quad is the fact that it comes with a primer-slash-highlighter for the inner corners  (upper left).  Now that's very unconventional!

I was quickly impressed by the formula, pigmentation and texture of the eye shadows.  The photo above may not show it well because I was in a hurry when I swatched the 3, but I assure you, color payoff is really good.

This quad is available in 4 variants, Yellow Sapphire, Beige Gold, Pink Amethyst, and Rose Garnet.  These color combinations are suitable for any look you usually go for.  Of course, the lasting power you can expect from Heroine Make is there too.  Perf!

Their products are being sold in any Watson's store nationwide.

I might have given away the best part already because of the first photo in this entry.  So yea.  As you might have guessed, I also got freebies!

Inside the pink bag, I got a face powder, a liquid eyeliner and two quads!  I'm very excited to try them all!

Product List

  1. Smooth Cover Powder in Natural (crossing my fingers it would match my skin tone!)
  2. Impact Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  3. Jewelry Eye Color in Beige Gold and Rose Garnet
As usual, I'll share a product review for each!  Actually, I'm also planning to do a makeup video.  :)

What do you think?

Here's my #halfootd.  HAHA!

Like Heroine Make Philippines on Facebook.

your sweetest drug,

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