Skin Care 101 - Laneige Perfect Renew Trial Kit

by - May 06, 2015

Looking at my current stash, it would probably make me blog about skincare more than makeup in the following weeks.  Is that good news or bad?  Or... meh ('cause you just don't care)?  HAHA!  Don't worry.  I'll also try to throw a few other topics into the mix - not just product reviews.  I don't want to become too monotonous so I'm thinking to do a Beauty Board (just in case you miss it already) or a special summer post as well .  So hey, watch out for that! :D

Today, let's stick to the plan and allow me to talk about a set of skincare products from a Korean brand (yet again).

It's called Perfect Renew Trial Kit by Laneige.  Yep, my first ever purchase from the brand and hopefully not the last!

The box contains 5 little, sample-sized products.  It's like a family of anti-aging goodies!  Skincare routine necessities packed together!

They're supposed to be used in that order above.  I mean the placement from left to right.  Except for the third guy, everyone could be applied day and night.

By the way, those 3 dudes come with a cap.  I just removed it.

So, let's get to know each of them, shall we?

Perfect Renew Skin Refiner (10 ml)

It's a transparent gel that gives moisture.  It targets dryness which also a major cause of skin aging.  It's also packed with hyaluronic acid which strengthens skin barrier.

Perfect Renew Emulsion (10 ml)

It's basically a lightweight moisturizer with ceramide.

Perfect Renew Night Treatment (5 ml)

It's like a serum in a cream form with hibiscus seed extracts which promote collagen production.  It claims to give you a more revitalized skin the next day. 

Perfect Renew Essence (5 ml)

This one claims to prevent premature skin aging by giving nourishment to the skin.


Perfect Renew Cream (10 ml)

It also keeps the skin hydrated and repair signs of skin aging.

All of them has the same soap-ish scent, which I love.  

Overall, there's nothing to complain about the whole kit except the greasy, uncomfy feeling that the night treatment and the essence give.  Nah, I don't like it.  

I've been using them as a "team", meaning I don't use anything else aside from my eye cream and I've also tried to use them individually a couple of times.  I do see and feel the hydrating effect whenever I put them or any of them on my face, but the "skin repair or renew" part is still something I haven't considered as a clear-cut.

Anyhoo, I haven't seen any life-changing effects and maybe one simple reason for that is, there's only a little amount of product to use.  40 ml to be exact.  The kit does not make me go like "oooohh, it's sooooo goooood, I need to buy the full-sized version right away, as in now", but if there's one thing I would recommend and that can possibly pass as a really-worth-trying-it-has-a-potential kind of product, I'd go for the Skin Refiner.  The Cream is a runner-up.  

Last thing, if you wouldn't mind getting the trial kit just to see how this line would work for your skin, then go ahead!  That's what trial kits are for, right?!  In fact, I do appreciate companies offering samples because most people (myself included) do not want to dive into the product in a flash especially for the expensive ones.  

What do you think?

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