Skin Care 101 - QuickFX Tinted Moisturizer

by - December 19, 2015

Sorry for almost one week of inactivity!  It's a busy month for me (and I know for most of you as well) so I wasn't able to do any drafts to post during weekdays.

Quick update, the November haul will be up early next week and I'm also preparing my year-ender post.

So now, let me talk about the featured product for today.

Yes, another one from the drugstore and also, a popular brand lately.

This is my second QuickFX product.  Actually, I wanted to buy all the variants all at once but I thought, getting one per haul would be better.  Besides, I wouldn't be able to try them all right away because I have a handful of other items in the waiting line.  :)

This is basically a tinted moisturizer sans coverage.  Yep, that's quite the bummer about this baby but good thing, I found a way to make the most out of it.

Before I go on, I just want to know if you guys are also digging the packaging of QuickFX.  I think the idea behind the let's-put-the-product-in-sachets is great because we all get to try them without spending too much.  

And not just that, the seal-cap thing is genius too!

The formula contains shea butter which is a hydrating active, glutathione and niacinamide which are known as whitening agents and zinc and titanium oxide, two common ingredients found in sunscreens.

I'm not sure though what's the SPF level of the product.

What you need to know

Yep, it's tinted but only to a certain extent.  And by that, I mean the cream itself has the color but definitely not enough to be noticed on skin (at least on my medium skin tone).

The consistency is not thick.  It spreads out easily and blends nicely.  It is also very lightweight, you won't feel a thing but there's a slight stickiness in it as it dries.

I like the hydrating power and it can be a good candidate as a perfect daytime moisturizer.  It makes the skin soft and it doesn't create a greasy surface.

Even though there's "fragrance" in the ingredient list, I don't smell anything so I think that's great for those who are very sensitive to scented products.

Like I said, it won't give you any coverage so you'd need a separate face base.

I'm currently using it as a regular moisturizer and since the concealer I'm using is a bit drying, I like to mix it up with this one.  Apparently, that combo makes a better consistency.

So overall, I still recommend this regardless of the fact that it doesn't give any hint of color or glow to my face.  I like it because it's moisturizing, breathable, doesn't give me irritations, doesn't create a white cast because it has a pink tone to it and ultimately, it's super affordable!  I got it only for around 50 php.

And who knows, it could help in my quest of having fairer skin in the long run because of the glutathione.  Haha!

What do you think?  Which QuickFX product should I try next?

your sweetest drug,

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