12 Things I Love About Sam Smith + His 2015 Concert in Manila

by - January 17, 2016

Okay, guys.  I know this one will get some what-the-hell-this-is-so-late kind of reactions.  But lemme explain first.

I wasn't really planning to put this up on le blog because I didn't get as many photos and the videos are not too good either (compared to the Bigbang concert post).  Plus, we're seated in the lower box area so it's not the best view for you, le readers (but that didn't mean we didn't have a great time).

However, I don't want to make it a complete waste and besides, le blog is pretty much like my online diary.  So I thought, whatever, let me hit that New Post button.

To make it more interesting, I won't talk about what happened during that amazing evening.  Instead, I'm sharing with you 12 things I love about Sam and some of my clips from the concert as well.

1) His voice and pretty much everything about the his singing

There's no better way to start off the list than mentioning this.

I don't know how he makes it seem freaking effortless but still flawless.  That's pure talent right there.

Have you also realized that the quality of his recorded voice is just as perfect as the quality of his voice when he sings live?  I believe only true artists can do that.

And probably my frequent comment whenever I listen to his (tragic) ballads, "his voice is like a blanket, it feels nice".

2) His emotions and his "heart"

When you watch him sing, it's like he's letting you see his soul.

Every note and every word is packed with emotions.  Do you also get all the "feels" from his songs?

3) His honest lyrics

He has mentioned this a million times on interviews if he's asked to describe his music and I think everyone completely agrees.  

Have you ever thought that Leave You Lover or Not In That Way is YOUR song?

4) He's so genuine

Aside from the brutally honest lyrics, he, himself is just real.

@samsmithworld: This is what I promise to be in my music. It's what I live by.

5) And he's not afraid to show people who he really is

Gay or not, I love him!

6) From toilet-scrubber to 4-time Grammy winner

I have a huge admiration for people who follow their dreams, who never give up and who work hard for it.  He's such an inspiration.

7) He loves his little sailors

The way he values his fans is just amazing.  He's a rare artist who keeps his feet on the ground and remains to be true and grateful for what he has achieved.

8) He's so adorable

I always enjoy watching his interviews and checking his IG feed.

9) That gorgeous face

10) And don't get me started about that cutest smile

11) His stance

Okay, I know this one's weird but I like it.  Haha!

Can anyone remember how he rocked a pair of blue suede shoes as well?

12) His selfie-game is strong

Follow him on Instagram so you'd know what I'm talking about.  

Check out those I-hate-airplanes and just-chilling-on-mah-bed selfies too! 

Gah!  I love him soooooo much!  

Sam, keep singing.  Keep writing.  

Thank you for your music.

Thank you for letting us know that it's okay to be imperfect and that being real matters more.

Patiently waiting for your second album and world tour.

More videos coming up on my Youtube channel.

your sweetest drug,

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