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by - November 05, 2016

I write about food less often now because I feel like posting a photo on Instagram then typing a few lines is more than enough.  Sometimes saying if a dish is delicious or not is all that there is.  However, this series is also close to my heart because well, it's all about food and you have no idea how much I love to eat.  Who doesn't, right?  So from now on, I'll make sure to post here at least once a month.  It would also serve as my recommendation to all of you foodies out there.

This one is kinda special because I'm not gonna share one, not two, but six restaurants!  All of them can be found at SM Megamall Food Hall.  It's located in 5F Fashion Hall.

Yakitori One

If you're into a quick Japanese meal fix, check this one out.  They serve various kinds of skewered meat.  You can eat it alone as a snack or top it over rice.

Their sauce is actually good.  It's like teriyaki but not too sweet.

# of visit: 1
Budget for two: 200 - 300 php

Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings

Garlic Parmesan

This is one of the restaurants that Kris always drags me to.  He surely is a buffalo wing fanatic.  Haha!  I don't complain though because the wings here at Frankie's are addicting.  

They serve different kinds of flavors from the usual to extra creative ones.  The best part is the size of the chicken.  For the price, it doesn't disappoint!  

Our favorite is the classic one and of course, with the blue cheese dip on the side.

I can't wait for the SM North Edsa branch to open!

# of visit: twice at SM Mega Food Hall and twice at City Golf branch
Budget for two: 400 - 500 php 

Tex Mex

If you're craving for soft tacos or burritos and want something new aside from Tacobell and Army Navy, here's where to go.

Definitely not the best tex-mex dishes but still okay.

# of visit: once
Budget for two: 350 - 450 php

Sizzling Plate

Glorified sizzling plates from food courts but we loved their paella rice.  If you don't pair your meat with it, it would be too plain and probably not worth to try.

# of visit: once
Budget for two: 400 - 500 php


Thick and big.

It could feel like you just ate a full meal with this one even though it's intended to be a dessert or a snack.  Haha!  Love it!

Btw, I always order s'mores.

# of visit: 3 times
Budget for two: 200 - 250 php

The Halal Guys

Another favorite of Kris.  

I still don't like it because the rice is too dry for my liking and the meat is not so flavorful either but he said I should try mixing everything next time.

# of visit: twice 
Budget for two: 600 - 700 php

That's it!  There are other ones that we haven't tried yet like Nav and Dojo Dairy.  Maybe next time!

What do you think?  

your sweetest drug,

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