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by - July 15, 2012

As promised, here's the review of each product from the Get The Look Kit.  If you haven't seen my video tutorial yet, you can check it here.  I also posted some "after" photos here.

Let's start with the eye shadow brush.  It's soft but I noticed that some strands fall.  This is the same with the white version, but it never happened to that brush.

Here's the white version.  I bought it from E.L.F. as well.  

I love this brush because it really picks up the eye shadow and it blends well.  Now, let's check out their mascara.

It is called Lengthening & Defining Mascara.  Too bad I can't really show you how it works because the tube I received was already dry.  :(

A piece of advice... don't spend too much on mascaras because of their short life span.  

See?  It's dry already... :(  

The wand shape is normal.  I really felt bad because I can't use it anymore.  When I saw this, I immediately checked the liquid eyeliner because I thought it could be dry as well.  No, it's not. Yay!

At first, I was kinda skeptical if it will not turn me into a raccoon at the end of the day.  But hey, you can really trust this product.

It's very black!  I love it!  Plus, the applicator really helps me to create a more stable line.  

Another thing I love about this eyeliner is that, even if my lash line hits my upper eyelid it doesn't cause "stain".  

This liquid eye liner can last all day but not with too much heat that can cause you sweat.  

Next, the mascara curler.  I really recommend this E.L.F. product to you.  If you are looking for a curler, but don't want to spend too much (of course...HAHA) then, this is the best product to buy!

This curler takes the most of your lashes.  The last item, the eye shadow trio palette.  

Sorry, it looks a bit messy here.  I used it already as you know...HAHA!  I just love how pigmented this trio is.  

Actually, this is my first E.L.F. eye shadow and I'm happy about it.  :) I also noticed that it is anti-creasing!  I applied it one work day and it survived.  

There you have it!  If you're into brown eye makeup, this kit is for you!  You can grab this at your favorite E.L.F. store for only 399.75 pesos.  Super nice!

What do you think?

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