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by - March 27, 2015

I know a lot of you guys have already tried this famous pancake restaurant.  Some might have been there since day 1 because of all the hype going on back then.  I think it started to wind down because I haven't seen a long queue at their facade lately.  So, before you get totally uninterested in this post, wait a sec!  You just need to scroll down a few times and I promise I won't bore you with a lengthy post.  HAHA!

IHOP was in our "Restaurants to Try" list and let me tell you, I couldn't count how many times we had planned to visit this one.  So, we thought it's the perfect opportunity for us to eat there  (FINALLY) because it's like a 2-min walk from Central Square, BGC, and that's where I attended Ms. Liz Lanuzo's Blog Anniversary celebration (check out what happened here).

We needed a not-so-heavy dinner because Kris had to play football after and here's what we got.

Breakfast Sampler (395 php) with 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, 2 bacon strips, 2 pork sausages, 2 pieces of ham all in one big plate.

I enjoyed everything except the hash brown.  Of course, they are all fried so expect a very "oily" situation when you order this.  :)

It came with 2 buttermilk pancakes.  Yessss!

You can upgrade it to a flavored one with an extra charge.  We chose New York Cheesecake because the lady there said it's their bestseller.

One piece of this plus a few bites of the stuff in the sampler were enough to make me feel kinda full.  I also had a glass of iced coffee (145 php). 

Yes, it's fluffy and yummy but I don't know.  It's not the "pancakes" that I would go crazy about.  Well, at least for this flavor or maybe even the regular buttermilk too, since this tasted too normal for a cheesecake-pancake.  I was trying to convince myself that there's some cheesecake goodness in it, but there ain't one.  Did we pay an extra charge for the strawberries and whipped cream?  Sad.

Now, my favorite.  Waffle.

Since I just couldn't resist trying their waffle, we ordered a simple one (Simple & Fit Belgian Waffle - 195 php).

Same sentiments.  We're a bit disappointed.  I'd rather buy from Waffos or from Famous Belgian Waffles.  Cheaper but still good (or even better).

But despite of the so-so feelings about their food, I loved their syrups!

Maybe next time, I'd bring Jaela along because the kiddo loves pancakes and waffles too.  She might enjoy a plate or two and guzzle down the syrups.  HAHA!  But if it's just me and Kris, hmmmm.  We'll think about it, okaaaay?  :)

What do you think?

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  1. Aaaaand now I'm craving pancakes, great! :-P I can't listen to my cravings though. I need to save room for dinner tonight, we're going to a dinner party.


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