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by - March 26, 2015

It's hard for me to skip face powder when I do my makeup, even for my everyday, "barely there" looks.  Actually, I often skip BB cream or foundation and trust my concealer to cover what I need to cover - under eye area, blemishes, you name it.  Then, top it off with my most dependable partner in the whole wide world when it comes to oil control combat, Powdah!

From a Korean brand, I switched to a Japanese brand called Canmake.

After a random visit at their shop in Glorietta, I was mesmerized by the cute products on the shelves.  Kawaii packaging!!!  I checked out few makeup and skin care items and then I remembered that I needed a new face powder.  The saleslady recommended their Marshmallow Finish Powder, which was on sale (10% off I think).  I got it at 612 php.  I was impressed after 2-3 swatches on the back of my hand and near my jawline, so I got it.  Sold. *insert cashier register sound effect here

So...... marshmallow, huh?  Yep, it kinda mimics the texture of that pillowy treat.  Smooth, silky, satiny and...... chewy.  Oops, the last one is for a different category.  HAHA!

I got the shade Matte Beige Ochre, which is a darker one than Matte Ochre according to their website.  This face makeup is like a powder & foundation in one, but IMO it merely works as a regular face powder because of the light coverage and natural finish.

Look at that case people!!!  It's soooo pretty!  It reminds me of Sailor Moon's brooch.

The whole packaging does not look cheap.  It's not heavy as well so perfect to carry for touch ups.

It comes with a puff.  I'm not using it though because I like to apply the powder using a brush.  It feels soft and in good quality, but I have a strong feeling that the ribbon would come off easily.

What I love about it:

  • feels light on skin 
  • gives a smooth and natural finish
  • helps conceal pores 
  • perfect for touch ups - max of 2 layers is still good
  • contains 72% mineral ingredients
  • does not cause unevenness in skin tone
  • does not clog my pores
  • removes shine without making my face look flat
  • blends well with my BB cream and concealer
  • contains moisturizing agents such as aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract & lemon extract
  • not translucent, but not too opaque so coverage is nice (at least for a face powder)
  • great as a setting powder
  • does not cake nor sit in fine lines
  • has SPF 26
  • doesn't feel too drying

  • lasting power is not that great
  • I dropped mine a few times and the powder broke *cries
  • oil-control feature is okay - my oily t-zone will start to appear after 4-5 hours if the weather is nice
  • comes in only 2 shades 

This product is definitely for those who needs a little bit of coverage and can survive with just concealer and powder, because it gives a tad bit of color.  Perfect if you want a fresh-faced look this summer.

Here are some photos.  I haven't done my exfoliation so yeah, pore takeover!

before photo - skin with skincare only | after photo - skincare topped with powder

People with extremely oily skin can still enjoy this but maybe with a few touch ups within the day.  For those with dry skin, I'm not sure if this clings to the dry patches.  

bottom photo - with BB cream, concealer and powder

I'm also not sure if it will give a white cast when you take photos with flash.  Haven't tried that one. 

waiting for it to completely set

I bought it in early December and I'm still using it.  Yep, 3 months and it's still alive!  Alive but broken though because I accidentally dropped it big time.  Now, it's like a loose powder.  HAHA! :)

I'm now looking for a new one to try so please share your suggestions below!  

If you want to see more photos of me wearing Marshmallow Finish Powder, just check out my past MUAH posts from December onwards.

What do you think?

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