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by - December 13, 2012

Finding the perfect mascara can be a little tricky.  There are a lot of brush shapes and mascara formula out there.  For me, I just look for 3 things.  It should make my lashes look LONG, THICK and it should NOT SMUDGE.

I have shared 2 mascara reviews already (check out Lash Blast and Lash Stilleto), but this time, I'm gonna write about this other one from Maybelline.

This is called Illegal Length.  Strong name, huh?  :)  The shade is Blackest Black and it's washable. They also have this in water-proof type.  It is formulated to give you an instant lash extension up to  4mm.  It also gives your delicate lashes fibers that build measurable length and seals it in

The brush looks like a lot like Lash Stilleto's and I love it.  This is the best form of mascara applicator I've used so far.  It picks up my lashes easily.

See the actual product?  I think I've said this before.  The blacker the mascara, the better.  :)  But I also like brown and blue lashes.

Now, let's take a look on the photos below.  I didn't put eyeliner so that you can see the actual effect. 


my lashes are almost invisible especially with eyeshadow.. thin and short :(

more angles without mascara

after - 1 coat

See?  My lashes looks longer here.  It made my eyes livelier.

It instantly lifts up my short and thin lashes.  By the way, I also used curler here prior applying the mascara.

2 coats

Applying another coat makes it thicker.

Even my lower lashes are happy!

Lash makeover!  Almost like I've put on temporary lash extensions.  

Here's the before and after shots for a closer look.

Beauty police might arrest me for this illegal length.  HAHA!

This mascara doesn't flake as well.  It's easy to apply, not messy.  I just love everything about it!  If I have to mention one not-so-good thing, I think it's the fact that it smudges a bit.  Well, if and only if you put water/liquid on.  

Illegal Length definitely works for me, but I think the water-proof one is better.  It lasts all day and not so hard to remove as well if you use a makeup remover.  

What do you think?

If you want one, visit our shop and check out our cosmetics album since it's not yet available here in PH.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. where can I buy this mascara?

    1. you can purchase this from our shop! :)
      it's on sale! :)


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