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by - August 01, 2015

Oh!  I just realized that I didn't publish anything last week.  Even the Flashback Friday post.  Aigoo!  It happened again.  I'm sorry!

Anyway, let me make it up to you by uploading my backlog video tomorrow!  That is, if our internet connection cooperates.  I will also start filming my June and July Haul.

For today, I'm featuring the mascara I won from Covergirl Philippines online giveaway.

Take a look at Lashblast Fusion, the brand's first ever volume + length mascara.  Actaully, I had another one from the same line before called Lashblast Length (review here).

I think you can distinguish the variations by the color of the tube 'cause every single one of them has a simple packaging design.

Let's talk about the applicator first.

It comes with a chubby brush, similar with Maybelline's Rocket Volum' with bristles that are made of a soft rubber-like material.

I was given the shade Black Brown.  Almost black.  Almost.  They also have a real black in the mix.

A tube retails at 525 php.

The first few times, it seemed that there's no effect.  Nothing's happening.  It just dampened my lashes.  But after a week, the formula became thicker and the magic happened.

One coat is not enough to make the eyes more flattering and noticeable.  For everyday, yes, it could work but for times when you want vavavoom lashes, you'd need at least two coats.

The shade didn't matter actually.  It still looks like black, not jet black though.

I agree on the volume + length claim!  It's so good at separating the lashes from root to tip as well.

Lucky me, they are not pointing down so using a curler is optional for me.

The formula is not clumpy so it's difficult to create a "spidery effect" with it.  Though I haven't tried putting 3 coats and more.  It also doesn't weigh down my lashes and application is almost neat.

Even my lower lashes are happy!

After 10 hours...

Still looking good!

There's very minimal fall out throughout the day.


Since I got the regular type, not water-resistant, it didn't survive the "splash test".

Expect smudging and bleeding action when it comes in contact with water.  Panda eyes!

I labeled it as my everyday mascara!  No complaints whatsoever, just the lasting power but that's forgivable because it's not the water-resistant version anyway.

What do you think?

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