Joy to the world!

by - December 24, 2016

Y'all know what comes next.

I've been filming since 7 PM but I took a quick break to attend the mass.  Now, let me have a quick moment to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

For some reason (maybe it's because of Christmas magic), a lot of us are feeling grateful and positive.  No bad vibes!  That's why I love this season actually.  There's nothing to be sad about because you feel the love and appreciation from the people around you.  It could be because of the gifts you receive but most importantly, I believe it should be because of the fact that you are remembered and I'm pretty sure, your friends and family are so thankful to have you around.

Again, Merry Christmas from me and Kris!  Go and spend this time with your favorite people!

Oh!  By the way, who's rocking red lips tomorrow?  :)

your sweetest drug,

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