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by - January 25, 2015

False eyelashes definitely take any makeup look to the next level.  If you want to accentuate your eyes, even create an effect, or just add oomph to your overall look, they are your best choice.  That's actually the main reason why I always make sure to stock at least 1 pair.  Besides, I have short and thin lashes, so I would really need either a generous coat of mascara or falsies.

I saw this brand on Instagram and I got really interested because a lot of makeup artists use it as well.  It's called Red Cherry.  Last month was the perfect time for me to try it, because we had a formal event and I would need a pair for my makeup look.  I'm sharing the photos here again, but feel free to check out my Beauty Board post about it.

It's in #DW.  I forgot the exact price, but I'm pretty sure it's less than 200 php per pair at The Ramp.  You can also get it from Digital Traincase.

As you can see in the label above, it's 100% human hair, though I'm not certain how to confirm that.  I just know that the strands are not stiff, compared to the synthetic ones I've tried, which were like plastic bristles.

Red Cherry lashes come in sooooo many styles.  I had a hard time choosing because almost everything was perfect and beautiful.  Eventually, I picked this one which is not that long, yet looks voluminous in the roots. 

Now let me show you how I look without falsies and with a thin layer of mascara.

#DW still looks very natural.  Maybe because it is thinner in the ends?  There's "curl" and it's lifted, but not over-the-top, I think.  For me, this style falls on the natural side, rather than on the glam or dramatic side.

I didn't encounter any difficulties putting it on.  I also love the quality because so far, no fall out.

Some people are against reusing false lashes because they think it's not hygienic.  For me, it's totally fine as long as we make sure that they are clean.  

I've used my Red Cherry lashes for 4 times already and I'm glad that quality is still okay.  I always clean it using a makeup remover after use to get rid of the glue and the accumulated makeup.

full look here

I also used it in my latest makeup video, Gold & Bold.  Here are some photos.

They don't feel heavy as well.  

Overall, I'm very happy with my current falsies and I'm planning to purchase another pair.  

How about you?  Have you tried Red Cherry?  Any style you could recommend to me?  I'd also love to see your photos wearing it, so comment down below! :)

What do you think?

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