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by - January 22, 2013

Aside from concealer that hides your dark circles and other blemishes, foundation is probably the number one makeup product that can give us the coverage we need.  It makes pores almost invisible and it evens out our complexion.

Today, MUAH post is for ELF's Two-Way Cake Foundation with SPF 15.

First, let me help you understand what a two-way foundation means.  This type of product can be used wet or dry.  You can dip the sponge in water or just directly apply on your face.  Using this with a damp sponge helps the product to be easily absorbed by the skin.

It's very smooth and easy to blend.  It's in the usual packaging with a separate compartment at the bottom part.

It also comes with a sponge, but I suggest to replace it after several uses especially if you wet it.  Bacteria can accumulate and you don't want to transfer them on your face.  

This foundation from ELF costs around 249.  I actually don't remember since my Tita owns it.  :P

Here's the sponge compartment.

It also controls oil and it has a matte finish.  I noticed that it cakes a little around the eye bags, so remember to put a small amount first.  Since it contains SPF 15, it will protect your pretty face from the harmful rays of Mr. Sun.  :)  

I can survive without foundation, but every makeup kit calls for one so why not, right?  Besides, the price is very reasonable.

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,

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