Shave, Pluck, Wax or Laser?

by - January 18, 2013

Talking about girl problems?  For sure, this is a familiar topic.  We always ask about the best way to get rid of underarm hair.  By best, I mean effective, cheap, safe and of course underarm friendly.

I have here 4 hair removal methods to talk about, but let me say first that I won't be picking the right answer or the best option.  I'll just share you my thoughts about it.  Still, it's up to you to decide.  :)

Okay, first things first.... removing those unwanted hairs should be a part of your hygiene or grooming routine.  We don't want them to stick out and say hello to every person who looks at them.  HAHA!  Okay, fine... maybe once or twice... or several times... I have experienced this (gaaaad!! they grow so fast, right?!!), so let me say sorry if it bothered you.  :P  (Am I being too honest here??  Just tell me, okay???  I think I sound disgusting.  HAHA!)  Oh well, that's life!  God has a good reason putting them there.  :P


Let us start with shaving.  This is the easiest and of course, not-so-painful way.  BUT!!!!!!!  Let me warn you.  As I have said, they grow back fast and with shaving, you only remove the visible hair from the surface.  You may need to do it everyday.  They also said that it can produce thicker hair.  (oh no!)

This might be irritating as well.  As the hairs grow, it sometimes causes itchiness and redness.  It removes hair and it can also peel off some skin.  Remember to wait a few minutes before applying deodorant.  When I'm in a hurry, I use this method.  Also Make sure that your razor is clean.      

Next, plucking.  I'm used to this method.  It can hurt and irritate a bit sometimes.  :)  I think this can cause "chicken skin" though.  Since you are pulling the hairs from the roots, expect that your skin is exposed, so don't wet or apply anything after.  Unlike shaving, hair grows back days after.  No need to pluck everyday!  Yey!  

Recently, I've tried waxing.  I was surprised because it didn't hurt as much as I expected.  Maybe because I'm used to plucking?  

DermCare, where I had my first facial done has an on-going promo... 50% off on all waxing services.  I was charged 150 pesos only!  *clapclapclap 

My armpit hair at that time was not long enough to stick to the wax, so only a few strands were removed.  Well, at least I've experienced it.  I also decided to buy my own waxing kit and just do it at home.  I saw this brand and since it's not too expensive...... sold. :P

It includes a pan and a wooden spatula/popsicle stick.  You don't need to use all of it at once, but it's really difficult to remove the whole wax from the pan and to cut it in smaller blocks.  I had to melt it quickly first.  I also bought waxing paper, but it's easier without it. :P  

Compared to shaving, it's removes the dead skin from the surface... not scraping it off.  With that, it also removes some scars or markings.  They also said that with waxing, hair grows back weeks after.  Hmmm.. but I don't believe it, it just makes the hair thinner.

Remember to clean your underarms before doing this.  Try the melted wax first on your hand or wrist to check if it's still too hot.  You don't want to burn your skin.  HAHA!  Just like with any other methods, don't wet or apply deodorant after.

Lastly, laser.  IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is famous nowadays.  I had a chance to try it using a voucher (2,399 pesos : 12 sessions) from Ensogo for Mendez Medical Group Clinic.  Honestly, I regret it.  Well, I believe in the saying, "you get what you pay for", but if they are doing a promo, the quality of the service must be the same regardless.  It was such a hassle.  I noticed the effect, really.... but even after 6 to 7 sessions, it didn't go away permanently.  I don't know what to call it, but my hair amount/volume (whatever) is just normal.  I want to try it again in another clinic, but I have to be sure first.  (DermCare: 2000 pesos per session)  Any recommendations?

About the difference... IPL targets and destroys the hair producing part of the skin.  Imagine... unwanted hair removed forever!  Yay!  Things to consider before trying this.... it's a bit painful, but short and tolerable.  I can compare it with being touched by a melted candle.  It is also expensive.  You have to look for a promo if you don't want to spend every cent just for this.   

As per the clinic, you must not shave at least a week before your scheduled appointment.  You cannot apply deodorant for 3 straight days... just the cream that they will provide.  Well, I'm not sure if this still applies... just want to share my experience.  :)

There you go.  What method are you using?  Do you know any tips on how to achieve smoother underarms?  Share them by commenting below.

Hope this helps.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. I've tried IPL. My armpit hair really did lessen. But I guess you need to undergo it for more than 12 sessions, as confirmed by a Derma Friend.

    Recently I tried the Epilator. I liked it because hair growth has been slow. I did it 3 weeks ago and it still is not as visible when shaved. But noticed some signs of being chicken skinned.

    1. Mami Joy!!! What clinic??! :D How much?! :)

    2. Yung epilator? Gadget yun. I bought it from Watson's. Php2399. So far, so good. Here's the image.

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