GUEST POST: Feel Great with the Latest Summer Fashions

by - August 14, 2012

If you're not sure about how to look your best this summer, don't worry! You're not alone! Even celebrities look for advice on the latest trends and sometimes need a boost of confidence from a new, exciting piece of clothing or a hot new accessory. 

The easiest way to feel the best about yourself is picking out great new styles that flatter your body so you feel confident. Summer is a great time to play around with new, exciting colors and combinations while looking fun and breezy. There are many styles that can go from a day at the beach to a night on the town.

A great summer pick is a belted or empire-wasted dress. There are a vast number of beautiful colors and patterns you can find on this style dress. You might opt for a solid color like navy or pink and a belt with a funky pattern like paisley or polka dots. You could also choose am attractive floral pattern or a dress with stripes and a solid white or tan belt. 

With these types of dresses, you can choose between a regular knee or above-the-knee length dress or a maxi dress. Our body types all differ, so one might suit you better than another. Empire waists or belts are a great way for those of us with a little "extra" to hide those difficult areas while accenting your waist and chest. 

There are lots of great ways to accessorize with one of these dresses, too. A cute, flirty pair of shoes can tie the dress together. Some girls love a fun pair of wedges. 

With a solid color dress, you might want a fun pattern or with a patterned dress, you can look completely put together if you find a pair of wedges that match a solid-colored belt. 

For those of us who are a little wobblier with a wedge, a cute pair of flats is a definite go-to. A hot colored pair of flats, like orange, pink, or yellow, can change an entire outfit, especially with a dark dress.

You can have a lot of choice when it comes to accessories too. Nearly any interesting necklaces, bangle bracelets, or funky earrings will work with these dresses. However, another fun way to accessorize is to choose the right clutch or purse. You can choose from a thick-striped clutch for a night out with friends or a big boho bag for a day on the beach or running errands. And you can always throw on a cute white or pink cardigan for those cool evenings.

With all these fashion ideas, you are bound to have a gorgeous summer. Don't be shy about mixing colors and patterns and picking the style that works best for you. Be the confident fashionista that you want to be!

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~Anya Sarre of ShoeDazzle

*pictures from Google. :)

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