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by - September 15, 2015

September is definitely my busiest month of the year.  Hands down.

I'm surviving it though.  Or at least because of my will.  I don't know if my body is coping up.  I hope it does!

Anyway, I'm down at my last hectic week as my training ends Friday morning.  Hooray!  I might treat myself with something nice this weekend for powering through this very tough and stressful time.  Hmmm.  Maybe a spa or buying makeup or a new bag even (which I badly need)?  That seems like a good idea.

Work-related tasks are also slowly subsiding (maybe I'm just under the eye of the storm) which is great because I can now get to use 30 minutes of my day to blog.  The dance practice on the other hand is a new thang on my plate but that's totally fine because I just treat it as a replacement to my after-work work-out.  And besides, my body needs it too.  Sweat = happy hormones.

How about you?  How's your September so far?

Alright!  I knew this one's going to be very short post that's why I did a quick let's-catch-up-sesh.  For today, I only have two very simple, straightforward samples to talk about, so let's start!

These are toners by SkinFood.

Both look like water, no color whatsoever.  I don't know about the "sparkling" term in the label of the Fresh Apple one though.

Product Decription

A carbonated toner with fresh unripe green apple extract that cleanses soap residue and skin impurities while tightening pores. 

If I have to choose one, I'd go for the Lettuce & Cucumber.  Both felt refreshing once applied and they're good cleansers too because I saw some dirt residues on the cotton balls after use.  However, the strong alcohol scent of Fresh Apple was a huge turn-off for me.  Nothing near apple fragrance.

I also noticed a subtle tightening effect with the "apple" one.  While "veggie" one felt more moisturizing.  And no, it didn't smell like greens at all.  I would appreciate a cucumber scent though!

Product Description

Contains 5 % lettuce extract, 5 % cucumber extract, and 20 % cucumber water.
A cooling watery toner that deeply hydrates skin.

You might want to check out the Fresh Apple line, for pore care (which also includes makeup and skincare for men) and Lettuce & Cucumber line for intense moisture needs.

What do you think?

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