Althea Milk Peel Cream Mask

by - January 12, 2019

One trend in the K-beauty world that has swarmed my IG feed are bubble masks.  Seems like the buzz over facial mask sheets has hushed a little.  Of course, Althea, who has been keeping up with all of the hot stuff in both makeup and skincare department has recently launched their own version of it and it's not the usual charcoal type.  They have come up with a formula that made the product itself even more interesting to try.

Who wants to chug some milk?

Milk Peel Cream Mask works as a gentle exfoliator.  From clay, it bubbles up and then, the fun happens.  It lifts up the grime, making the skin free of impurities.  And since it contains AHA and BHA, rest assured that the dead skin cells on the surface and those annoying clogs will be taken care of too.

While doing all the work, it won't leave the skin on a drought.  After the bubbling situation, it turns into a creamy, delicious lather as you rinse it.  The milk protein extract in it gives the skin a gulp of hydration.  If milk bath is just a fantasy for you, at least you'd get something similar for your face, right?  Haha!  😛

Don't get alarmed by the word "peeling" because there's no visible flaking or such.

The formula is light enough to be used daily as they say, but since it's still an exfoliator, maybe more than once a week is safer.  I've actually tried it thrice already in the past 7 days and I haven't noticed any bad reaction to the skin.

I love the powdery scent and how it leaves the skin a bit more radiant after rinsing.  The fun part is watching it bubble up.  It's also kind of ticklish.  😳

Clay masks are usually drying, yet effective because it could really deep cleanse the skin and unclog the pores.  Adding the milk component to it makes the product simultaneously hydrating and I guess that what makes this Milk Peel Cream Mask from Althea one of the best products for #skingoals.

I apply a generous amount and spread it like cream cheese.  Haha! 😙

Here's how it looks like once you add water.  From here, you can just rinse it off.  There's no greasy residue whatsoever.  

I'm really enjoying this new product by Althea.  Looks like I'm going to run out of this soon because I'm using it often.  I might stay away from scrubs for now since I found a much more awesome and way less abrasive option.

Since sharing pictures isn't enough to show and prove to you how fun this product is (especially the bubbling action hihi), watch out for the video on my Instagram (@ichipestano).

You can get this for only 490 php and that's already 50ml!  Click here to go the product page.

Once you try it, make sure to take a "bubble selfie" for le 'gram!  Aaaaaand... don't spill the milk!  Char.  Haha!  😝

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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