Althea Korea Skin Relief Calming Cream and Waterful Green Bamboo

by - April 15, 2019

How are you dealing with this intense summer heat?  Hope all is well and you are managing to keep your cool even if it's like staying outside for about 5 minutes is melting everything on your face, draining your energy and making you sweat like there's no tomorrow.  Not just that, I know that this scorching weather tends to irritate the skin too and worsens our pore problem.

Good thing, Althea now has a solution to keep the skin cool and calm.  Recently, they launched their newest additions to their skincare line and these two products could really relieve or prevent bad skin days.

Skin Relief Calming Cream

This tube is packed with soothing and hydrating ingredients like seawater for natural minerals that could retain skin's glow, Centella Asiatica extract which helps repair the skin, shea butter for that extra moisture barrier and the main guy, panthenol that transforms to Vitamin B when absorbed into the skin.

The consistency is not watery but it is still a lightweight type of moisturizer.  I could use it even during the daytime but since I have oily skin and again, the weather is just unbearably hot so I prefer applying it only at night.  If you have dry skin and you're mostly in air-conditioned or cold places, this is suitable to be used twice a day.

It doesn't leave a greasy feeling, it's fast-absorbing and it makes my skin really soft and smooth after.  I also love the fresh scent!

After stressing out my skin during the day, I like applying this at night as my moisturizer.  That's the perfect time to rehydrate because I don't think I could put cream on my face, go out and endure the blazing sun.  Hahahah! 😛

I would also recommend Althea's Fixer Cream, but I prefer Skin Relief Calming Cream because it's lighter.  Plus, it's cheaper too.  It's 560 php for an 80ml tube.

Waterful Green Bamboo Pads

Now, for the better option which could give you the moisture you need during daytime, check this out.  This tub contains soaked pads that you can use in a number of ways.

1) As a mask to really give your skin a high dose of hydration because it's like a patch keeping the moisture in.  It's also perfect for combination skin type because you can target and treat those dry areas.

2) As a hydrating toner pad to prep the skin before makeup.

3) When I have no makeup on the entire day, I like to wipe one onto the skin to remove the grease.  I'm using it as how I would normally use a micellar water.  It can freshen up the skin without drying it up.

4) The cooling effect could help shrink the pores.  

I love the cute tong that it comes with.  The scent is so relaxing too.  It's like I'm in a spa.  Hahaha!  😚

As for the pads, they do not tear up easily and it clings to the skin well.  

It's actually an amazing addition to my skincare stash.  One look and I instantly knew I would grab this often.  I'm hooked!

The best part, for only 700 php, you'd get 80 pads.  Each piece is soaked with the good stuff even the ones on the top.  I'm always keeping the cap tightly closed, so I hope they won't dry up fast.

What do you think?

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