Korean Nose Strips Throwdown

by - May 05, 2019

For someone who's pestered by clogged pores, I know a thing or two when it comes to dealing with those pesky blackheads.  I've tried a bunch of products that help get rid of the gunk and I have to say, my favorite is a good nose pack.  Well, I do also get impatient and would often extract them using my magical wand.  You know, that metal tool with a loop at one end.  However, I still prefer getting that weird feeling of satisfaction when you get to take those bad boys out with one peel. 

When choosing a nose pack, I go for the cream/cement-like type because unlike the strips, it covers the whole area.  But then, I saw a couple of 3-step kits on Althea and I thought of trying them and see if they could also be as effective as my trusty nose pack from iWhite Korea.

Each kit comes with:
  • a soaked mask that softens and preps the pores
  • a strip that extracts the junk
  • a soaked mask that treats and tightens the pores
The masks all work pretty much the same -  very soothing and they all have a cooling and tightening effect.  They just differ in terms of scent and key ingredients.

The actual strip is what I want to compare here.  If you wanna know which one removed most clogs, keep on scrolling.  😚

By the way, the info you could read in the photos is from the product description.

sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the strip after removing it

I tried each kit on a different day.  I can't remember the exact interval but I think it's like a week in between or even more.  Also, maybe when I used the others, my pores were not so clogged than other days or maybe I didn't get to really properly place some strips, so I don't want to say that they are totally not effective.  For the two pink ones, it's also hard to tell if they removed a good amount of junk because of the color of the strip.   

Anyway, the only strip that did a pretty good job was Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3-Step Program.  It's also the most adhesive.   🙌

So yea, on my next Althea shopping, a few more of this kit will get into my cart. 😙

What do you think?  Have you tried any of these five kits?

your sweetest drug,

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