Generation Happy Skin - MLBB Ultra Matte Lippie in Courage and Kiss & Bloom Water Tint in Prim

by - July 22, 2019

I know it's not a surprise for most of you that this blog is always late on the latest product releases.  If you're always on the lookout for new launches and trends in skincare or makeup, this isn't the right place to be, unfortunately.  However, if you don't mind waiting for a couple of weeks to see some swatches and review, it would mean a lot if you swing by. 😊

To show you how late my postings tend to be, here's my review of the two lip products from Happy Skin in collaboration with one of my #girlcrush, Kathryn Bernardo.  They did recently release Generation Happy Skin Active and these two are from the previous/original collection.

The items from face powder, blush, mascara to lippies all scream simplicity and the idea behind the whole collection is "everyday makeup".  It is besides the makeup style of Kathryn - simple and natural.

my lips but better ultra matte lippie in courage


Courage is a peachy nude shade.  I picked this because I wanted to try more MLBB colors other than those mauve and brown ones that I already have.

It's not shockingly pigmented when applied on lips, which I'm a bit disappointed about because the color payoff looked amazing when I swatched it on my arm.  

Formula and Finish

It is a matte lipstick that feels creamy and light.  Its finish is similar to Maybelline's Creamy Matte lipsticks.  It has no scent and it contains sunflower seed oil to moisturize the lips at the same time.  


It glides smoothly and it requires no tugging.  Although, I don't know why it feels and looks like it just sits on top of my lips.  

Lasting Power

If you're the type who hates re-applying, then this one is definitely not for you.  It doesn't stay long and it also doesn't leave a stain.

Color Dupe

It's like a lighter/muted version of Baked from Sunnies Face.  Both have a matte finish.

Wrapping up...

As an everyday lipstick in your makeup kit, this is okay.  However, for the price (399 php), I think there are better options around.  I know it is presented as a lip crayon hence the size/weight (1.4 g) but to be honest, you could buy a regular lipstick (3 g) for the same or lower price and also get a more intense pigmentation.  

Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint in Prim


Prim is a brownish-red shade, exactly what I like as a lip tint color.  The brand perfectly described this - naturally sheer and like a watercolor wash.


It is water-based and the consistency reminds me of The Face Shop's old water lip and cheek tint.  It smells like candy too.  This also contains green tea and hop flower extracts to nourish the lips and skin.


The best thing about this tint is how easy and no-mess I get to apply it on the cheeks.  It doesn't cause a stain fast unlike other ultra-pigmented tints.  You can really take your time with this one.

Lasting Power

Now, this is the part where it falls short.  I mean it could last for few hours but upon eating or drinking, the color would fade.  That's okay though because since it applies nicely on the lips, touch-ups are no-fuss.  

used a small amount on the lips for a gradient effect

Wrapping up...

I could look past the fading because I love the color and the easy application.  Sure, I have other more pigmented lip tints in my collection, but I still enjoy this.  Although, another concern of mine is the price because some Korean lip tints cost the same or below 299 php and they come in a bigger tube (8 to 10 ml).  This one is 6.5 ml.  

applied fully on the lips

I also find it a bit drying like most of the lip tints I have tried, so for me, it's no longer a biggie.  😚

The Generation Happy Skin Active collection looks great too, but I'd pass for now.  Hihi.  How about you?  Have you tried any from both?  

your sweetest drug,

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