Batch Review - Affordable Products for Everyday Makeup

by - September 22, 2019

Sorry for being MIA lately.  In the past few weeks, I worked on this video featuring some of the products I haven't talked about yet here on le blog.  And yep, that's the amount of time I need to film, edit and finish a video given my crazy schedule.  😅

Anyway, it's still a better option than to wait for another month or so to do a review post individually.  So here you go.

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These are all affordable products you can find in the drugstore or online.  Everything works best for a simple everyday makeup.  No fuss!

I think they key players here are:
  1. Belo Tinted Sunscreen for a light base just to even out the skin tone
  2. Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Primer to blur out the pores
  3. Revlon Brow Crayon for a natural-looking, groomed brows
  4. Missha Eyeshadow Trio for neutral shaded eyes
  5. Sunnies Fluffmatte in Baked that perfectly matches the eyeshadow

As mentioned, I'll do another makeup review for the L'Oreal base products I'm currently using.  Plus, there's a lip swatch video coming up too!  Hopefully, I'd get to film again one weekend soon. 

Thanks for watching and please don't forget to show some love by subscribing to my mini-channel and liking the vid!  💕

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