Glittery Rose Gold Eye Makeup #pambahayglam

by - May 03, 2020

From the simple and natural makeup I showed you last time to this glam look featuring chunky glitters on the lids.  Well, let's just call this san-punta-teh makeup video.  Hahaha!  😆

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I saw a lot of similar makeup looks on Instagram and Youtube and I thought of recreating for a change.  I searched at makeup counters but I was only able to find chunky glitters on Shopee.  I got one from a brand called Novo.  Here's the link.

I used my Colourpop Fem Rosa eyeshadow palette.  It's an old one.  I also used the same on my Peachy Dreamy makeup video.  Let me share the swatches on my next post. 👍🏼

The eye glitter I used has a glue-ish formula so it really adheres on the skin.  You can also use it on the face and body if you're going for more creative looks. 

It's only 99 php per pan and there are 10 styles available.  Sobrang pretty lahat!  😍

With this kind of product, you have to be careful when applying.  As you can see, it's not like fine glitters.  There are big pieces that could get into your eyes and they feel sharp.  When you take your makeup off, I suggest using a makeup remover and a pad first to clean your lids instead of washing your face because you might rub the particles and scratch your skin.  Ouch. 

Let me know what you think and when you tried this look.  I'm actually thinking of using the gel glitter again but as a highlighter.  Stay tuned! 

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