Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Top 6 Must-Have Makeup Brushes

by - April 18, 2012

With all of the makeup brushes you see at stores, I know you feel overwhelmed.  Some of your  questions might be... What should I buy?  What do I need?  What is it for?  Do I need a set?  Should I go for individual brushes?

Yep, girls... I feel ya!  So, to help you out a bit (hope this helps)... here are my top 6 must-have makeup brushes.

1. Concealer Brush
This comes in several types and sizes.  Look for a brush that's big enough to cover a large area as possible and small enough to touch the sides and corners of the eyes and nose.  I recommend choosing a flat type for this for easier blending.

2. Small Angled Brush
This will serve as your eyeliner and eyebrow brush.  

3. Stippling Brush
You can substitute this for a powder brush, but I recommend this because it works for liquid, cream and powder foundation.  Plus, it distributes makeup more evenly because of it's structure.  This also helps you in achieving an airbrush finish look.

4. Blending Brush
Now, instead of buying several brushes for your eyelids, you can just have one.  Blending brush will help you put eye shadow all over the lids.  Of course, you can also use this to blend out harsh edges.  Another use is for contouring.  Because of the size, you can use this brush to contour the sides of your nose.

5. Crease Brush
To add more depth to the eyes, you can use a crease brush.  Well, there are a lot of eye shadow brushes to choose from.  Since this post aims to help you pick the basic brushes, you can just buy a crease brush as your second eye shadow brush.  With just a few different strokes, you can create basic to smokey eye looks.  If you want more complicated eye makeup, go for more eye brushes.

6. Blush Brush
Choose for a blush brush that has a shape like this.  Why?  Because it helps you contour your cheeks as well.  By blush brush, I also mean that you can use this as your bronzer brush.  Look for a brush that is big enough to cover your cheekbone.  

So, that's it!  With these 6 brushes in your makeup kit, for sure you got everything covered. :)

Of course, you can still add a few more brushes.  Whatever works for you.  Be sure that you don't spend too much when you don't need it anyway.  For me, this is enough for makeup beginners.  

What do you think?  What are your must-have brushes?  

your sweetest drug,

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