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by - May 02, 2013

We bring you charm!  Let's have a break from dresses and rock these chic tops instead.  I had fun mixing and matching because they looked good with everything even with simple skinny jeans.  But you know, I didn't wear a pair because I wanted to play with the colors and patterns.  For sure, you'll feel the same too!  :)

Here's the cover photo.  I can't wait to do a Lookbook post for each one!  That means... more photo of these chic pieces here on my blog!  So, you know what to do.... stay tuned!  *wink :P

You requested for sleeves, so we got you not one, not two but FOUR!  Yay!  Choose from a simple laced back, punched details in super fun color, embroidered collar or a silk floral button down.  We personally checked each, so we assure you that you will also love the quality.  It's very wearable and as I have said, it's very easy to look for the pair.  

Here's the best part.  We have SIZES for you!  That's from XS to XL, so there's no reason not to buy your pick!  HAHA!  We have them in other colors as well, but you need to wait for a day or two.  That goes for the size too.  What we have on-hand is Small Size only, but we can get yours, so don't you worry.  (Woah, rhyming!)

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I'm really really happy with this set.  I love the floral and embroidered button down and include the one with criss-crossed back too!  Those are just my top picks, but I love everything! <3

Take a look at these two NG photos below.  

mug shot

dreaming... Zzzz

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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