BURP GUIDE - Grill Yard

by - July 30, 2014

After 2 failed attempts to try Genji M's 149 promo, we decided to let it go and just try a new restaurant nearby.  Of course, a Korean resto made it to the top of our list because the place is also known for that.

Just one cartwheel away from P. Burgos, we turned right to Durban Street and saw Grill Yard - a Japanese-style Izakaya slash Korean grill house.

Since we're starving, we entered without hesitation.  Besides, it looks interesting from the outside.

I was amazed by the decorations I saw inside.  Dim-light, wooden floors, Japanese ornaments everywhere - very nice ambiance.

The menu surprised us though.  The food ranges from 200 to 500 php.  Since it's our first time, we had no idea about the serving size, so we ordered only 2 dishes.

They immediately served the spicy hot soup and banchan/side dishes consisting of popcorn, veggies, sweet potato chips, tofu kimchi and sweet black beans.

Kris wanted to try soju but I said it won't match our food.  We ordered Beef Bulgogi and Bibimbap.

Their version is similar to Pinoy's Chopsuey.  It's sweet and the veggies were a bit overcooked.

Next, my Bibimbap.

The egg was a disappointment.  Other than that, it tasted good (even better with hot pepper paste or gochujang, of course).

Both cost 350 php and good for 2.  I don't know if you can tell, but those are big bowls.

Best part...  no service charge. :)

There's a Korean grocery store near to Grill Yard, so I dragged Kris.  HAHA!

I was able to take home 1 huge cup of instant noodles and 2 sachets of coffee.  

Perhaps, that's our first and last visit.  The food was expensive and the taste didn't "wowed" us at all.  Serving size.. hmm, well, it's fine, and the ambiance too.  But since there are other Korean restaurants that offer excellent yet affordable dishes, we'd rather try those than this one.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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