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by - December 11, 2014

I'm not very picky when it comes to choosing my mascara.  I just go for the non-expensive ones because for me, as long as it adds enough volume and length, I think I'm gonna be just fine.  Furthermore, you probably have noticed that I only use the non-waterproof type, though I make sure that it's water-resistant.

That pretty much explains why I've bought this one created by the Queen of drugstore mascaras, Maybelline!

When I was at the counter, I asked the beauty consultant if they have a washable mascara available and she immediately handed this to me.  I got this at 399 php.

The packaging is very appealing.  It is somehow in a rocket shape, but it reminds me more of a bullet.  HAHA!

Name is Rocket Volum' Express. Would it make my lash length skyrocket?  The label also says Volume Express, so it's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.  Length and volume, cheeeeeeeck!

The applicator is a bit chubby and it doesn't have long bristles.  Because of that, it doesn't separate the lashes very well.

You would also need control when applying the mascara from roots upwards.  Actually, I noticed that I tend to open my eyes more than usual because of the brush shape.

The product is thicker than normal ones I've used so far.

Ready to see the before and after photos and the smudge-test video?  Yep, I have prepared a video for you guys! :)

Look at mah short and sad lashes.  HAHA!  I didn't wear eyeliner so in that way, you could really tell the difference in terms of volume.

Here's a closer look.  By the way, I also didn't use a curler prior and after.

From barely visible lashes to vavaboom lashes in just one coat!

my eyes are puffy and they look tired here :P

I love how it lifts the strands.  One coat is definitely enough to see the difference.  

For special occasions, I apply 2 to 3 coats.

It might look a little spidery but still, not clumpy.  For people who love spider lashes, this mascara is for you.

I also noticed that the formula is "fiber-based".  There are tiny stuff that seem to attach to the natural lashes which lengthen and thicken every strand.

Dramatic lashes in every angle!  It does a great job on my lower lashes too!

It stays in place all day, err day with very minimal fallout and zero smudging.  #awesome

The first part of the video shows how a single coat survived after rubbing it off with my fingers.  It smudged a little bit but in a not too messy way.

As for the water splash test, it also did great because instead of like black ink running down my face, I just got speckles of product, which is for me, easier to clean.

Again, this is not the waterproof version of Rocket Volum' Express so it's totally fine if it budges whenever water comes into the scene.  It's enough for me that it does not cause any mess throughout the day even if I rub my eyes.

If I'm wearing only 1 coat and I don't also have heavy eye makeup, I skip the makeup remover part.  Using facial cleanser alone works fine.

Overall, I'm really happy with my current mascara!  I mean, come on!  It's affordable and does it job very well.  I have no problems on it's lasting power as well.

For people with extremely oily lids, it could be a different story.  Maybe you could try the waterproof version.

What do you think?

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