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by - February 06, 2016

If you've watched my two previous hauls, you probably know that I went a little crazy on brow stuff.  I am now using 4 products (not all at the same time of course), one of which is a brow tint and rest are pencils/crayons.

Okay.  I admit that it's not because I need them.  I just thought that hey, no one shall regret stocking up makeup if it's on sale!  Am I right, ladies?!  Haha!

So yes, I've been trying all of them and actually, I have already filmed my brow routine video (still need time to edit) using these two that I'm gonna talk about today.

For those who don't know this Japanese cosmetic brand yet, I suggest you go drop by their Landmark booth on your next shopping day.  If you're a fan of Asian makeup and skincare, you might find something you'd love there.

They have a variety of brow products in the display.  There's a pen type, powder type and also, a handful of crayons and pencils.  I didn't want to do another round of booth-hopping so I also got the guy below aside from the brow mascara.

It's the smallest and shortest in the bunch.  I also had another choice that comes with a spoolie, but it's more expensive so I just picked this, thinking that I could immediately ran out of it and try out a new one.

This is still pricey though for its size.  I got it for 390 php and that's equivalent to two brow pencils already.

I chose shade 01 or charcoal brown.  The 4 remaining shades are:

(02) Natural Brown
(03) Light Brown
(04) Olive Brown
(05) Honey Brown

What I love about it

You will never go overboard with this brow pencil.  It doesn't give too much color (maybe at least for the shade I use) so it's easy to work with as I fill in my brows.

It glides smoothly and it helps create fine lines and more precise shaping.  

Even though there are tons of brow products now at the drugstore, it's still hard to find a great brow tint.  My choices back then were Maybelline's, but the spoolie's shape threw me off, Nichido's, but I saw tiny glitters, or at least in the shade that I wanted and Etude House's, but I think it's very similar with the one by The Face Shop which I've already tried before.

Good thing, I spotted this tube and the moment I tried it, I felt that I had to take it home.  I said to myself, "eto na".

I got the shade Cocoa Brown (03).  They also have a Maroon Brown (01) and Honey Brown (02).

This retails locally at 490 php.

What I love about it

It's indeed a brow tint.  This guy makes my brow hair look lighter and fuller with or without prior application of crayon, pencil or powder.

For bad-brow days or when I did a not-so nice job at filling in my brows, I make sure to use this and it instantly makes everything seem neat and properly done.

used on top of brow pencil

The way I did my brows here is just my I'm-so-late-I-need-to-do-this-fast version so please don't mind if they're uneven.  Haha!

Anyway, I must also say that it's definitely long-lasting.  I've tried sleeping with it on and it didn't rub off completely.  The brow pencil lasts a good amount of time too.  

used alone

There's no glitter whatsoever which I really appreciate and it's a bit liquidy which I find very similar with pen-type formulas.

It also doesn't make the brow hairs too stiff but it still puts everything in place.  No stray hair allowed!

I don't often use it alone because I'm not used to that yet so it looks very uneven here.

I've been using this since October and it hasn't dried out yet.  Cool!

To be honest, I really think you can find cheaper alternatives for the brow pencil but as for the brow tint, I'd recommend it without a doubt.  

My brows look not so much like sisters here because I used pencil then tint for the right and tint then pencil for the left.  

And yes, I went to office with those brows.  Hopefully, no one noticed. :)

What do you think?

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