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by - November 23, 2016

Here's one dessert place I can recommend.  Well, they don't just serve sweets but in case you visit, do yourself a favor and don't forget to try their delicious toasts.

We were craving for something sweet one fine day and stumbled upon Cafe Shibuya in Trinoma.  They have an open store there near Charles & Keith.  We ordered their iced caramel latte, which we loved and two of their best-selling toasts.

As soon as I saw the photos of their toasts, it reminded me of the creative and colorful Japanese desserts.  Maybe that's the story behind the name of the restaurant?  Haha, sorry, I didn't do my research.

They don't serve all Jap food though.  It's a nice mix of Asian with hints of Filipino dishes.

I think their Trinoma branch only serves desserts, drinks and coffee.  If you want more, you can cross the other side of the north and go to their SM The Block branch.  It's near Hypermarket.

Ahhhh!  Coffee!  What a beautiful sight!

I remember asking for extra caramel syrup for this.

Of course, the Bear chose the matcha-flavored toast.  The ice cream was legit!

It's basically a cube-shaped toast with toppings, syrup and whipped cream on the side.  I'm not sure if it's similar to a French toast but it seems it's also kinda soaked with something.  Maybe it's a glaze of some sort.  Whatever it is, it turned an ordinary bread into a tasty treat!

Recently, I visited their SM The Block branch with my friends.  I must say, it seemed like a nice hangout place.  Thumbs up for the lovely interior!

I ordered Pork Belly with Kimchi Rice.

The meat was cooked very nicely and it went well with the soy sauce and vinegar dip.  However, I think the kimchi rice could still improve.

My friends also ordered this oil-based pasta with sardines and fish and chips.

So that's it!  I might drag the Bear again here so we can try more of their toasts!

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